Wednesday, August 3, 2011

or a wig with curls, or another chance

We keep a galvanized tin? aluminum? who cares? bucket next to the kitchen sink. It's where we put vegetable ends and peelings and uneaten pieces of toast and globs of soggy cereal. We call it the slop bucket, and when it gets full Emmett takes it out to the chickens. Today the young women were over helping me make dinner for a lady in our ward who just had a baby, and every time I walked past the sink I kept smelling something like a rotten potato went poop. Finally I figured out that it was the bucket, which had a thick layer of furry gray mold on the bottom. I'm not proud.

I find that after John has played the simplified version of "The Entertainer" a few times, and by "played" I mean "slaughtered," I have to go and play something to alleviate the aural irritation. It's like a song ending on an unresolved seventh--you just don't feel right. Years ago our friend Jenny told him how her mom always taught her piano students to play "The Entertainer" with the fourth note a half-step sharp, and he was enchanted, and has played it that way ever since. I bet Judy is up in heaven just laughing fit to bust at how maddening John is being.

Tonight at Fat Fighters they were talking about snacks, and about how we need to make sure we're giving our bodies the proper fuel at snack time. The instructor used as a bad example a Twinkie and a soda pop--that's not good nutrition, we all agreed. So then we went through a list of possible snacks, and how we can use the "power foods" to make them better fuel, and one of the choices for a reasonable snack was sugar-free pudding. How, class? How can we make sugar-free pudding more filling? What are some power foods we can add?

Will someone tell me what is the difference between a Twinkie and sugar-free pudding? Because I'd love to hear how one grouping of plastics is good for your body, and the other grouping of plastics is not.


Jenny said...

My Mom would be so very proud that her legacy lives on! And she is for sure laughing! :)

All8 said...

Well, you know that the sugar-free plastic pudding, doesn't have sugar in it; so it's all kinds of better for you... Everybody knows sugar-free food makes it free to eat. That means it's good for you right? Isn't sugar the health enemy? ;)