Monday, September 12, 2011

come make your own contribution to this melting pot

My grandparents grew up in the depression (the real one, not this fake baby one we're having now that is TOTALLY FAILING at giving us an equine rags-to-riches story). My grandma washes and re-uses disposable dishes and utensils. She will not listen to our silly arguments that she is defeating the whole purpose of disposable products. She also refers darkly to my grandpa's refusal to eat leftovers and thinks that he is woefully profligate.

John's parents have some spoons that have accidentally gotten caught in the disposal, so their edges are sharp and jagged. They will not throw them away, because John's mom is like my grandma. His dad is artistic and used to purposely put things back in different cupboards after he'd used them, so as to not stifle his creativity.

I don't do those things.

Per Tori's request I have put a new poll on the side. I hope you guys aren't sick of talking about PBJ sandwiches, but even if you are, it would be nice to have your input. I love this kind of stuff.


All8 said...

My MIL saves all of her plastic ware too.

What's the purpose of using those paper plate holders with the paper plates when you're just going to have to wash the plate holders? I don't understand.

highdeekay said...

Re: sandwiches. I had me a yummy sandwich made of Orson's peach/pineapple jam + turkey breast. It was seriously divine. Almost like turkey and cranberry sauce.

Re: washing disposables. I think it is definitely a generational thing. We are the throw away generation. We throw out dishes and spouses and careers with nary a thought. Maybe we could learn something from those who survived the "bottom of the depression." Just sayin'.

Tori said...

My husband's grandparents are depression-era people and they have TWO barns full of everything that they have ever owned and will not throw away. I'm hoping they live forever because that is going to be a big project.

Thanks for indulging me on the polls! I love this stuff, too.