Wednesday, September 28, 2011

do you have the time to listen to me whine about nothing and everything all at once

It's been a while since I pontificated about something about which I am not actually knowledgeable. So here we go.

1. Gays in the Military
It seems weird to me that DADT was ever a thing. Why wouldn't the military want any good soldier who is willing to serve? Is there any real data implying or proving that homosexuality endangers soldiers' lives? Because of the sexual tension or whatever? If so, heterosexual men and women shouldn't serve together, either. In any case, I suspect that the expiration of DADT will have very little effect on the amount of sex being had by any of them.

2. Pacification
All you moms out there who, for instance, buy or make special bread for your kids because they don't like seeds: that's fine. But constantly caving to your children's illogical demands that they not be served food they see as unappetizing is not doing them any favors. If you allow them to steamroll you all the time, you'll end up in a place where they'll only eat mashed potatoes and ketchup. What about your desire to cook and eat something new and challenging? Don't you deserve validation? Compromise is good; complete acquiescence is not. Serve them the lamb curry in a sweet onion-tomato sauce (which is not even weird, Emmett). Sure you'll have to fight them now and then. So what? Eventually you will win--silent disgust is an improvement on vocal disgust. They'll be better, less entitled people for it, and if they're Mormons, they'll be less likely to offend someone who tries to serve them balut or chitlins on their mission.

3. Gay Marriage
Here's my overly simplistic solution: Everybody pairs up with the CONSENTING ADULT of his or her choice. If you get married by a religious figure, it's a marriage. If you get married by a secular figure, it's a civil union. Everybody gets to see their loved ones in the hospital and receive tax breaks. The end. Should a college education be a requirement? Maybe.

Is marriage being diluted? Yes, but it happened long ago, when the government got involved in a religious ordinance, and when the practitioners of traditional marriage screwed it up by being selfish and immature. So if you want to fight this battle you're going to need a time machine and a magic wand that makes people not be jerks.

4. Spice Jars
I keep my spices in a drawer next to my stove. But they were always rolling around all over the place, and the drawer is too shallow to stand them upright. I love those wee metal spice canisters with the clear lids, but they are overpriced, and that is a stupid way to spend money that I could otherwise spend on another pair of boots, or maybe an icicle crown. So I bought a bunch of wide mouth jelly jars and put my spices in them. Cute, orderly spices next to my stove, for less than a dollar per jar. And now I can buy bulk spices in fancy foil bags! It's one of the best kitchen decisions I've made.

That's what I have for today. I realize that I form opinions hastily, whether or not I have all the facts. Please inform me of any errors you see in my reasoning. I kind of have a stomachache about this post.


highdeekay said...

1. agreed. Don't we want honest soldiers?
2. agreed.
3. agreed.
4. I've not an opinion on the matter. My spices reside in a cupboard next to my stove. Function over style in my case.

tipsybaker said...

Whoa! Guns blazing! I agree with you on everything. About spices: Do you use a labelmaker to i.d.? Do you alphabetize?
I have won the food battle with my kids. It was vicious and protracted and I doubted myself constantly, but one day they both just quietly caved and now eat almost anything.

Eric said...

As usual, you are right about everything but the spices.

Just kidding. I do the same thing with my spices. Ever since my wife found a bulk food store on the internet and began wondering aloud "Is that a good price for five pounds of nutmeg?"

Sarah said...

Testify! So it's true, about kids and feeding them food they don't like but will eventually be grateful for. Claire HAAAAATED tomatoes and avocados. But I kept putting them on her plate anytime we were eating them. And then, like 6 months ago, she started chowing down on tomatoes. LOVES THEM. But still there was only hate for avocados (what?!). Until last week, when she was SHOVING THEM IN HER MOUTH and whining for more. It was one of those proud momma moments.

sheryl said...

You rock. If only the people with the power to make things complicated could be swayed by such simple logic. xoxo

kacy faulconer said...