Wednesday, September 21, 2011

not the first discussion

Hey! Did you know that Mormons are big old a cappella nerds? 'Course we are, myself included. My beef with it, though, is that the way popular songs get arranged for a cappella changes their sound--the chords get weighted differently, and the emphasis ends up on a different note, so it feels all wonky to listen to it and makes me sad I'm not listening to the real song. This is most pronounced with women's groups. Not sexist, true.

However: look at this. Well, look or don't look, but definitely listen.

Yeah, it would be nice if there were more bass and percussion, but still. That note that starts on 1:23ish? Wow. The lead singer is One of Us, if you were wondering. Hey, Mormons may be judgmental prudes, but some of us can sing.

It's good to see that hot pants are making a comeback? Curse my drumsticks!


Sarah said...

Whoa. Those gals have got it. And the lead? Dude, she's rockin. Female a cappella is never my fave, but these ladies could change my mind. Thanks for sharing :)

All8 said...

Great stuff.

(On the side: How do we as women, let the world know, leggings aren't jeans?)