Tuesday, October 4, 2011

the bridges were burned now it's your turn to cry

This is my spice drawer. The labels are handwritten because I'm not anal-retentive (about that), and they are alphabetized, otherwise it would be MADNESS! In the comments Eric brought up a very good point--you can buy a tiny bottle of whatever herb/spice for around five dollars, or you can buy a pound of it for about a dollar more. You see the wisdom in my jars.

It has made me wish for more drawers, however. Unfortunately there is a cabinet directly beneath this drawer where I keep my flour and sugar and cocoa powder, so I can't extend the spice drawer. I still keep the lesser-used ones in a spice carousel in the cupboard above this drawer. This is irritating to me. I like uniformity of organization schemes.

Here is a picture of some tomatoes from our garden. For perspective there is a wide-mouth jar. Here is a picture of the co-op spraying our field with poison. I felt super great about it, obviously, because it felt like letting Monsanto get to second base. But currently I don't know of another (practical, appropriate for agritainers) way to get rid of the alfalfa so we can put the field in oats for two years.