Sunday, October 30, 2011

bye, bye li'l sebastian . . . you're five thousand candles in the wind


Well, friends and neighbors, according to the pencils which I numbered from one to fifteen, and from which John selected while his eyes were closed, commenter number 6, also known as All8, has won the very fun, handy, useful, dare I say life changing "Make the Bread, Buy the Butter" cookbook. Congratulations, All8! If I know you at all, this book is very well suited for you, methinks. I believe I still have your mailing address from a couple of years ago when I sent you some soap? Or something? Oh, remember when you gave me some jam? Everybody, All8 is probably the best jam maker of all time. Sour cherry . . . spiced peach . . . it is her superpower.

I'm sad the contest is over, though. "Make the Bread, Buy the Butter" giveaway contest, we hardly knew ye. Sniff! I wish I could give a copy to all of you. If Tipsy's publisher would just send me a whole box of them I could be like Father Christmas and give them to all you worthy souls. I can see why Oprah got the way she did--giving stuff away, even something small like a cookbook, is very intoxicating. Imagine the high she got from giving those cars! Same with Bob Barker. I bet that's what kept him so Dick Clarkishly preserved for so long--the giver's high.

Thanks for participating, everyone. It was fun to read what everyone likes or doesn't like to make. I've only bought buttermilk a couple of times. Sometimes I culture my own, but mostly I just use milk with lemon juice in it. I would like to do a comparison of pancakes made with store-bought buttermilk, milk and vinegar/lemon juice, homemade buttermilk made with culture, and powdered buttermilk.

Why can't I give away a hundred books?!


All8 said...

Wow, I can't wait to cook new things. We've been stuck in a rut and I think this book will be just the thing for me and mine. Thank you, thank you.

Sarah said...

Congrats, All8! I may not have won, but at least now I have an excellent request for Santa this year.