Wednesday, October 19, 2011

ever see a man say goodbye to a shoe?

I'm just looking at dogs on the internet again. I don't want one, but I sort of want one. I would like a beagle again, only this time one that doesn't run into the road, and will chew on somebody's face if I need it to.

I watched Buck this morning--instant play on the much-maligned Netflix! It is inspiring. It's why I started looking at dogs again. He says the same kinds of things that Cesar Millan says, that animals manifest the problems of their owners, and that the way you learn to treat animals translates to how you treat people, etcetera. I have found that to be true with goats--they are training wheels for children. Animals, at least the animals I know, respond the same way children do. But the nice thing about animals is that when you make mistakes, if you fix them the animal is rehabilitated fairly quickly, compared to a child. I learned that from Finola. So you can practice proper parenting--staying calm, being firm and encouraging--on animals, and it's easier to repeat it with your children, who will be much slower to respond. Maddeningly slower. But the animals will give you hope and strength to carry on! You should probably have a dog or a horse or a goat.

The kids and I went out for breakfast at noon today. We are shiftless idlers! But we did fold some clothes and do some superficial vacuuming beforehand. Now they are at Crystal Hot Springs soaking up the trace minerals, luckies. Then tomorrow we're finally going to finish our patio extension and put a real gate in the goat pen that they don't sneak out of, and on Friday I'm going to learn how to do a cat eye for real. Fall break is the best!