Wednesday, October 5, 2011

maybe there were a few less patients than I said

I have a fun exercise for you guys today. I'm trying to decide what to wear to Chez Panisse tomorrow night, and obviously, as if I even need to tell you, I hate everything I own. But I will shoulder my first-world burden and soldier on. Here are three outfits, each with two shoe choices.1. Yellow/navy skirt, white/navy shirt, double wrap belt made by my cool bishop, brown Mary Janes or oxblood boots

2. Navy knit dress, brown striped cardigan, Mary Janes or boots

3. zebra dress, black shirt, stilletos or boots

Which of them do you think? Any of them? None of them? Should I tell you which is my favorite, or will that pollute the data pool? I think the second choice is kind of a dud, but it does look decent on. The platform Mary Janes are very elongating and slimming.

Help me, internet friends and acquaintances! You can answer in the comments, the sidebar poll, or both.


tipsybaker said...

I think the way you've posed the "frumpy knit sack" makes it look not at all like a frumpy knit sack -- so that was my vote. With mary janes. I love all of these clothes. I think zebra is good, but the shoes look uncomfortable, as do the boots. I am surprised at how much I like the clashing outfit.

Jenny said...

What exactly is Chez Panisse. I'm guessing a restaurant, but how fancy exactly is this place? Because I'd choose the black outfit if it's pretty fancy. If not, I go with #2 with mary janes. BTW- I LOVE the oxblood boots. You can buy me some for Christmas, mkay?

Matt and Emily said...

I think you should wear what you want. I'm super helpful right?

Jill said...

I like the third outfit best. I do like the second outfit for it's "fall-likeness" and I too love the boots so I would like a pair for chirstmas as well.

All8 said...

Okay, I missed out on the outfit choosing, so which one did you wear? But most of all, tell me about the food. Does it live up to all the hype? How did you feel in the restaurant, you know the ambiance?

(I liked options #2 & 3. I would have worn the boots, but only if the hem line is above the top of the boots.)

Marsha said...

I like black and white, and with the weather what it is, boots would be best. I like the other suggestions as well - you won't go wrong, whatever you choose. Enjoy! (P.S. Their espresso is wonderful, if you like espresso.)

Justine said...
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