Friday, October 21, 2011

this again

This is a good post, but I disagree with him that hamburgers are hamburgers and fried chicken is fried chicken. A grass-fed hamburger on a Lee's bun is not like a Big Mac. Oven-fried Appenzell chicken is not like KFC. Yes, there is too much snobbery and classism in food politics. But it's not snobby or classist to say that the nutritional content of the homemade burger or fried chicken meat is better. I believe this. But in addition to that, I believe that the food choices we make have ethical and moral as well as dietary implications. When I fry an Appenzell chicken at home, I know what that chicken's life was like, and what's in the breading--flour, salt, pepper and paprika. When I grill a Bingham beef hamburger, I know that the cow ate grass and silage, not grain and antibiotics. This doesn't matter to everyone, but it matters to me. I saw a comment on some article I read the other day that said the government should subsidize healthy food, not junk food. I think just not subsidizing the junk food would be a good start. It might help us balance better.