Wednesday, October 12, 2011

san francisco trip, day three

Remember back in the olden days, when the internet was all fresh and new, and online socializing was in its infancy? There was no Facebook, no Myspace (remember that?). We were just figuring out that we could use the internet not only to ignore email queries from our parents who were wondering what malfeasance we were perpetrating at college (exploring the steam tunnels under USU's campus), but also to communicate with perfect strangers of unknown character with whom we shared interests, like TV or Magic: The Gathering. This behavior was initially frowned upon, because of the chance that someone might go all Single White Female on you, but has progressed to the point where people are rarely murdered by their online acquaintances, and in fact often prefer them to their real life friends, because their real life friends keep asking them for rides.

Thank goodness for the internet, because I have met some truly lovely people. For example, Tipsy.

On Saturday I met Tipsy for the first time. We've been friends ever since I went googling for Sumida's first name and found her blog. I think she is smart and funny and creative and warm, and I admire the daylights out of her. She's great.

She picked me up in front of the hotel, and we began our all-day conversation and eating/shopping trip. It was delightful. We ate dim sum, which included an egg tart that rivals any custard I've eaten, and Vietnamese yogurt, which is sweet and delicious and my new favorite thing. We saw some more crazy grocery and housewares stores, and those little bamboo steamer baskets are going to be my financial ruin--they are so cute! Can you imagine having a big stack of mini steamer baskets, all filled with little personal-size pies? I can't stand it! We saw the Golden Gate Bridge, and Lombard Street, and the beach, and all sorts of beautiful houses. San Francisco is just a really cool place.

I feel weird telling you about Tipsy's house and family and goats and chickens, because it seems all name-droppy, like, "Uh, I'm super famous, just like MY FRIEND the PUBLISHED AUTHOR, WHOSE HOUSE I HAVE BEEN TO and WHOSE FAMILY I MET," so I'll just say they're all lovely, and her goats really liked my boots, because they have good taste.

It was a fun day, because I got to do all three of my favorite things (talk, eat, shop). I hope to someday repay her kindness, and show her around my own stomping grounds, including the pond, the cemetery, and the pasture up the hill where Aggie used to poop.


tipsybaker said...

Oh, you are sweet. That was one fun day. I look forward to continuing the conversation in Utah in 2012.