Tuesday, October 11, 2011

san francisco trip, day two

The main reason John and I go on vacation is to eat, so we put careful thought into our meals. For breakfast we ate at Honey Honey Cafe & Crepery (I like saying "crepery" and making it sound like "crappery," because I am a twelve-year-old boy inside). We got Crepes Suzette and Crab Cake Florentine. John hated the crab cake, because his was gross and old-tasting. But the eggs and hollandaise and crepes were all great. We recommend it. I'd love to show you pictures of it, but unfortunately we never downloaded the pictures, and John left the camera on the Caltrain, so . . . no evidence of Honey Honey, or Yuet Lee, where we ate lunch, or anything else in Chinatown, or Little Delhi where we bought naan that has ruined us for all other naan.

We walked past Union Square, which was very boring to me, and looked in Neiman Marcus a little bit. I got an idea that my bishop the bootmaker could make for me an orange purse for fifty or a hundred bucks instead of $1800.

San Francisco's Chinatown is far more impressive, at least to me, than New York's. It's squishier and that makes it seem more vibrant to me. There were all manner of exotic fruits and vegetables and flopping fish and frog legs and roasted ducks hanging in the window, plus gaudy, extravagant chandeliers, and hilarious shopkeepers who will tell you with a straight face that they just started carrying the teal color dresses--which are called "cheongsams," no idea how to pronounce--only for a month now! They are ruthless negotiators. It was great fun.

We met a man on the street who recommended Yuet Lee to us, because it was good food and we were dressed appropriately for it (he looked disparagingly at our attire while saying this). We got roast duck with noodles and sweet and sour pork. The duck noodle soup was not quite as delicious as the one I ate at Great NY Noodletown, but it was still good. Duck skin is hard to beat. The pork was good, too, and while we were there the staff all stopped working and sat down to lunch together, and one of the guys had a really deep, gravelly voice like Oscar the Grouch with emphysema, and he got into what looked like a mild to moderately heated argument with a customer. That was fun, too.

We walked back to our hotel, stopping along the way in a skeevy part of town where Little Delhi is. We waited a million years for our naan, and on the way back to the hotel a homeless man asked us for some food, and John gave him the rest of the naan. We're big old humanitarians. John almost missed the bus that was taking him to the conference. I had a nap in the hotel room, then watched Anderson Cooper try to figure out why the crazy religious nut was being mean to the less-crazy religious nut, then I went to a beautiful mall where I bought fancy chocolates and ogled shoes for a long time.

When John got back we ate some okay pizza and wonderful frozen yogurt at Blondie's. There was a man leaving as we got there who was shouting, "BLONDIE'S IS DEAD! YOU'RE DEAD TO ME!" They laughed at him because he was on drugs.


Nate said...

Great post. It sounds like you guys had lot of fun!