Wednesday, November 9, 2011

so crazy it just might work

This post of Tori's is one that I really needed to read.

In other news, I dreamed last night that I went to an Aerosmith concert with my parents. They opened with "Livin' on the Edge," and Steven Tyler was shuffling around onstage in a mangy-looking brown duster, a ratty fedora, and aviator sunglasses. He was not nearly as charismatic as I assumed he would be. It was weird. I didn't dream long enough to find out if my parents liked the show.

A few of the things that are giving me grief today:
1. The mess at Penn State--what in the world is happening there? Why did the eyewitness wait a day to tell Joe Paterno about it? Why did he tell Joe Paterno instead of the police? And I mean, innocent until proven guilty and all that, but of course Sandusky worked with at-risk youth--because they lack a strong family support system and are much easier to victimize.
2. It was an incumbent sweep in our city council elections yesterday. John won the 2-year term, which is a mixed victory, but I hoped for more backlash against the good-ol'-boys who wanted to bless our community (the part of the community not near them, naturally) with a smelly biodiesel plant run by a porcine charlatan.
3. Long, sparkly, square-tipped acrylic nails on a little girl in Ike's first grade class. The child cannot use her scissors or color or write her name because of them, and I'm like, "Really, mom?"

Last night John texted me that he'd lost his phone, and I said, "Find it." He texted back, "Don't you mean, 'Find it, councilman?" That's how he told me he won the election. Maybe he is already drunk with power. He'll be putting in gravel pits and biodiesel plants before we know it!


Tori said...

Thanks, Layne. And I would like to point out that I'm doing a really good job following my own advice right now, reading blogs while Marlo watches Sesame Street.

Sarah said...

That was a super awesome article. Thanks for linking to it.

Congrats to John, the councilman.

And acrylic nails on a first-grader sorta turns me into a rage monster.

Claire said...

I just had Norah's nails done last night. Don't hate. Also, how did John text you if his phone was lost?

tipsybaker said...

Did you read the whole Sandusky transcript? It took about 15 minutes and sent me into a blind fury.
Congratulations to John!

All8 said...

Congratulations to John. Doesn't that make you the power couple of Honeyville?! Maybe he can put a community garden behind you instead of a 7/11 or leather processing plant.