Friday, November 4, 2011

then I hold my nose, thusly

This is the dog I went and played with last Friday, and almost she persuadest me to become a dog owner again. She is so sweet and loving, with a pleading face and very soft fur. She has scarring on her head, and her ears have been cropped incredibly short--probably a bait dog. I just loved her to pieces.

Poop. Shedding. Walks every day no matter what. Dog smell.

Okay, I'm better now.

Magic Wendy and I took a pie-making class this morning. It was interesting--the guy made the crust in a stand mixer, which I would never dare do. But I used to think I would never make pie crust in a food processor, either, and I've long since crossed that bridge. He used shortening, which made me all boo-hiss at first, but said he prefers lard and thus won himself back into my good graces. He used a French rolling pin, which I have never gotten the hang of using, but I practiced with his and finally figured it out. My mom's is about three times the diameter as the one he used, and I could just as well use a log. Here is a Hyperbole and a Half-esque picture, except not as funny or good: Stupid fat rolling pin.

I'm thinking of moving the dressers out of my room and putting in a floor-to-ceiling wall closet thing. I think it would be an improvement, if only to remove the temptation of stacking clutter on top of the dresser.


tipsybaker said...

So you would get a pit bull? I'm interested in that. I'm reflexively biased against all pit bulls, but realize only some of them are actually dangerous.
She's very cute.

Layne said...

Well, it depends. I don't know that I would actually get a rescue pit bull when I still have little kids at home. But I would have no problem with a pit bull puppy, other than the same concerns I have with any puppy.

I think most of the reason pit bulls have been turned into dangerous animals is their extreme desire to please their owners, no matter what, and creepy jerks have used their powers for evil.