Thursday, November 3, 2011

there won't be a hook in sight at the codfish ball

When my kids ask me to buy stupid junk for them I need to stop saying, "We can't afford that," which is not technically true, and start saying, "We don't want to spend our money on that." Saying we can't afford it implies that we would buy it if we only had the money. This is misrepresentation. I don't like buying stuff for my kids because they just break and ruin it. I much prefer taking them on vacation, because the likelihood that the four of them will ruin Oregon or Florida any way other than metaphorically is slim.

I took the slavery footprint quiz yesterday, and it says I have 61 slaves working for me, which I don't think is correct. Don't misunderstand me, I'm pretty sure my purchases are financing enslavement, I just don't think I have more than twice the national average of slaves (which is 25), because most of the places where I got dinged were places where I do most of the work myself--hey, wait a minute. What does that mean?

I hear from the Facebook that Tipsy is going to be on Good Morning America tomorrow morning at 8:30. I encourage you to watch, because then you will see how delightful she is.


All8 said...

I'll have to watch for it online.

(I refuse to buy crap too.)

highdeekay said...

hmmm, I have 45 slaves. I don't know how accurate I think that quiz is either. And what's with that last question???

I've thought the same thing when I say, "we can't afford it" because clearly we can afford much of what we choose to afford, the real issue is the choice and I don't want her thinking we are poor because we live in a house, drive a car, and eat good food every day. Clearly we are not poor. We do need to make choices though so I think what you've said is the better response and the response that will teach.

If I have 45 slaves, obviously E has 46! :)

tipsybaker said...

I've started telling them they're free to spend their own money on whatever they want. Of course, iIt helps that one of them now gets regular allowance and the other babysits so they actually HAVE money.