Thursday, November 17, 2011

why doesn't batman dance anymore?

I've been helping with the assembly of the new playground at the unpark. I never know in situations like that if the guys are wishing I would just go home and stop getting in the way. I think I've been helpful, but who can say? I know it took me twice as long as anybody else to dig a hole for one of the support poles. Thirty inches deep, they are! Curse my inferior upper body strength. Our former mayor, who is a reporter for the two newspapers in the area, came to take pictures of the process yesterday, and my pants were falling off in all of the pictures she took. When in Rome, you know. Hopefully she'll get a marker and color over my underwear.

Last night I had a nightmare that I had lice. It woke me up at 4:30 and the rest of my sleep was fitful at best. It's probably my worst fear, next to kidnapping and assault. I googled "lice" on my phone as soon as my alarm went off, and from what I read I don't think I actually have lice.


highdeekay said...

yuck! one of the kids in our preschool last year had lice. The other moms all treated our kids just in case. I'm happy to report no louse were found but for weeks we were all itchy and paranoid. So gross!

Eric said...

"Call Mr. Plow
that's my name
that name again
is Mr. Plow!"

Awesome title. Awesome.

All8 said...

Lice and fleas. {{{shudder}}}