Friday, November 11, 2011

why don't you ask mr. owl, for he is the wisest of us all

I'm not positive--but I'm close to positive--that my sister Claire's friend Melany was on the bleeding edge of the owl craze. She may even have been the instigator. We may never know. But what we do know is that I bought some hair clips from her for my niece Eliza three years ago, and I swear she had in her inventory an owl clip. Maybe I bought the clip. Sarah would know. If I did, it was the cutest thing in the world of baby hair accessories, because that's how Melany does it. Here is her Etsy shop, if you're curious. She is truly gifted.

But back to my point: what is the deal with owls? Yes, they're cute, but people are ruining it! There are too many now, everywhere I turn! So many owls that I'm sick of them! This needs to stop. Everybody, just settle down about the owls. Stop cupcaking them for those of us who already liked owls before the madness started. Some of us like owls for their nocturnal predation of vermin and Tootsie Pops, as well as their beady eyes and swivel heads. We haven't forgotten the True Meaning of Owls.


tipsybaker said...

Did you create the verb "to cupcake?" I LOVE IT.

Layne said...

I'm going to go put it in Urban Dictionary right now.

highdeekay said...

I'm pretty sure Corrie was one of the first owl-ers. I met her five years ago and she was owl-crazy from the start. Every time E sees an owl-thing, she insists we buy it for her. Now with owls EVERYWHERE we can't possibly do that. Ruiners!

Tori said...

I would like to apply for membership in the "I liked owls first" club. I will make my roommate from 2002 submit an affidavit if necessary, stating that I had owl figurines around the house back then.