Tuesday, December 6, 2011

the plight of a doughy mom

I eat too much, and it irritates me as soon as I get over the enjoyment of eating whatever it was I decided I wanted more than I wanted to be skinny. It's gross that I am surrounded by so much abundance and plenty that I have to worry about eating too much. Isn't that such a grody first-world problem?

I would really love to be skinny like my sisters and sisters-in-law, but I am weak and pleasure-seeking and indolent, so I always give up what I want most (to be slim and trim with no saddlebags or jiggly stomach) for what I want now (second helpings, continued couch-sitting). It affects my mood, so I'm a bitter, angry chub instead of a happy chub. And it's not even the health benefits that drive my desire to be skinny--I just think it looks better. I can see myself developing bulimia if I didn't hate vomiting so much, but no way could I be anorexic--too much discipline! I'm very monkey see, monkey eat.


Jenny said...

Boy, do I get all that! It's so hard, especially when baking and trying new foods is so much fun! Plus, I usually feel like I deserve all the things I "treat" myself to. Such a never ending battle! Enjoy it now and get back in gear in January!- Jen

tipsybaker said...

I think you just read my mind.

Marsha said...

You have elegantly expressed the dilemma I have faced forever. Thanks for the pithy, and slightly painful, insights.