Thursday, January 12, 2012

noisy, crazy, sloppy, lazy loafers, and while we're on the subject

Like I said, I'm "remodeling" the basement, and you will not be surprised to learn that the project includes stripping off yet more ancient, vinyl-coated wallpaper. Old people, I swear. I have also found a bunch of horrible little toy nests that my children have created in corners and under beds and dressers, covered in cobwebs and dust. But every time I vow to just throw everything away I find something that tests my resolve. Like the Fisher-Price barn I bought from the D.I. when Grant was a baby. Not a one of my kids has played with it, or the castle, or the house (the one with the doorbell), or the circus train (of which I even have two sets, in case the kids broke one). I even bought them a ton of the old-style, dangerous, choking hazard Little People, and they're like, "Meh." Boy, I'm glad I didn't spend a bunch of money on eBay trying to get the Sesame Street buildings. Do you remember how cute that pink dragon was? And the blue elephant? What is wrong with kids today?

Gentlemen, you might want to check out for a minute and join us in the next para
graph. Ladies, you remember that I have had bra problems, and I'm kind of picky about my bras, because I have not a lot going on in that area, so what's there needs to be properly managed. I don't need underwires digging into my sides or giving me boobfurters, and I don't need the cups flaring out at the top and making lines in my t-shirts. So it was with low expectations that I bought a two-pack of those Maidenform bras they have at Costco. Costco is great and I love it, but who buys lingerie/foundation garments at a warehouse store? Me, evidently, because I love, love, love these bras. The straps sit just right on my shoulders, the underwire is the right size to cup and not smash, and they are very comfortable. I am so pleased. Take a chance; they're cheap, and you might like them as much as I do.

We took Grant and Ike to the orthodontist on Wednesday. I guess our orthodontist is a year older than me and graduated from the same high school, but I do not remember him. He seems competent and nice, though. It was a real picnic having all four kids in the exam
room, I'll tell you, jumping and climbing and fighting and playing with the teeth models and picking out what color their elastics will be, because they are all going to need braces. I blame John. But I forgive him, because his DMBA dental insurance is going to make the four sets of braces a slightly less impoverishing endeavor. My parents paid for four sets of braces for my sisters out of pocket. Can you believe that? That's like sixteen thousand dollars! Grant gets his in a couple of weeks, and he has picked out BYU colors for his elastics, the horror. Even though navy blue isn't even BYU's real blue, their blue is that stupid smurfy royal blue, they just stole navy blue from Utah State because they're jerks. Is there anything BYU doesn't ruin? I read a comment on BCC the other day that said God allows sports at BYU to give people a real-life example of the pride cycle. Man, I laughed so hard. For the uninitiated, here's the pride cycle: I like to try to go straight from pride and sin over to humility and repentance, skipping the chastening step. Eventually I hope to cut out all the steps but blessing and prosperity.


Jenny said...

Ugh, braces. I don't even want to think about it. We will be paying out of pocket. Dang.

All8 said...

A good bra is hard to find. That's great that you found not only one but a twofer.

Good luck with the braces (and then the retainers......) My brother and sister went through that and my parents too had to pay out of pocket. Crazy stuff.