Friday, January 27, 2012

this one will keep your food cold for seven hundred

I wish my gardening/chickening/goating energy burst would come in the spring, when it would be somewhat useful to me. As it is, I'm full of all these ideas with no way of implementing them.

First, I want to have a better garden. Do you remember how pretty my garden was three years ago? That was cool. But it was a lot of work, and when we had a ton of goat babies in 2010 I lacked sufficient energy to handle both the goats and the garden, and we've never reached those verdant heights since. Goats are so needy! Not really. It's rude of me to blame them for my moral failings.

This year is going to be the year. I want a good garden, and I want to put a chicken moat around it. Here is a not-to-scale drawing: You put a fence around the garden, and the chickens help keep the bugs out of the garden, plus they have a nice big area to graze in without being able to come up on the patio and poop all over it. We'll get more chickens and Emmett can sell the eggs. Cute!

The goats need a better fence, too. Ugh, fencing is the farmer's constant nagging companion. We're slowly accumulating chain link panels, which are too small for the goats to get their heads through and push them over, which they are always doing (mainly Traci). Traci's udder may explode this year. I'm concerned about it. If I could go back in time I would not have bought her, and I think the Drakes, nice as they are, charged me far, far too much for her. No way is she in the same class as Finola. Remember Finola? Oh, the times we had. Sally and Rita and Julia are all shaping up into quite good goats. They have sweet temperaments and aren't too flighty, as I found last week when the gate got left open and they all walked out and were grazing the ditch. Willa and I had to round them up, and it had great potential to become a poop-smeared fiasco, but they were very docile and walked right back in with very little fuss.

I also need to start some grapes. I heard a good idea for bending a sixteen-foot cattle panel into an arch, and letting the grapes grow on that.

This is the year. Remind me later, when I'm complaining about how hot it is.


tipsybaker said...

What kind of grapes? I've tried grapes, many varieties, and for many different reasons (ALL my fault) have never harvested a single grape. I lack follow through. My mother always said it and it is true.