Thursday, February 9, 2012

it may have been a knockoff, but addams family was the superior program

John has now been to two city council meetings. It's fun to hear some of the inner workings of the city. Note: cronyism is a thing, but not as big of a thing as it might be. And it's not nefarious. Except where they won't let me be on Planning and Zoning, gosh, I wonder why. I think I helped appease the current city rulers a little when I helped with the park, though. A good attitude goes a long way. Because John is in charge of Parks and Cemeteries I'm going to help him figure out some good short trees or tall bushes to plant on the street side of the cemetery, because Rocky Mountain Power wants to come and cut down all the tall evergreens that are already there. Evidently they pose an arcing danger to the high-voltage wires or something electric-sounding. Power companies are so tyrannical!

Rex keeps coming into the parlor and looking at me pleadingly. It's not going to work. I am not going to give him any more food today. He is already a big fat tub of guts, and I don't want to send him into an early grave and have to bury him in an apple box. If I'm going to dig a hole that big, it had better be for a goat. If he weren't so dominant and greedy, and would let Groceries eat first once in a while, maybe he would be sleek instead of doughy.

We had our 2012 Goat and Bee Summit last weekend. It was very illuminating, re: all the bees are dead now. We did a post-mortem on Brian's (of the Magic Neighbors) defunct top bar hive. It was so sad to see the little bee carcasses, some of them hewn down in the midst of performing a task, their little bottoms sticking out of a honeycomb tunnel. We're going to try again this spring, but with better insulation and better placement of the hive. I am determined to have my own honey. Maybe part of the reason my bees left is because I didn't have any equipment; no veil, no coveralls, no hive tool. They probably thought I wasn't really committed, so they bailed on me for someone on BeeHarmony who was ready to settle down and start a family. Ha! That joke is terrible.

Our new countertop is almost finished. I will show pictures when it is done.