Monday, February 27, 2012

whole new terrible meaning for "flyover"

There's a bit of a kerfuffle going on in a tiny corner of the internet regarding single motherhood. There were a couple of articles on Slate last week opining that single motherhood is not the society-ending plague it has been made out to be, and the author of the second article voiced her desire to be a single mother, because her experience as a child of a single mother was so pleasant. That's fine. Being an affluent, educated single mother with a strong support system probably isn't that bad--at least, not as bad as it is for a low-income single mother with a GED. She also thought it would be nice to do the parenting her way, and not to have to work it out with another person. Eh, that seems like a childish reason to raise a child alone. I think it's good for kids to see their parents peacefully work out a conflict, or a conflict that starts out calm, goes supernova, then ultimately resolves peacefully. As John says, parenting is not for your kids, it's for you. It's what finishes turning you into a decent human being. So if you never have to listen to an equally-invested peer who disagrees with you, you're going to have a pretty myopic view of how good a job you're doing.

But that's in good marriages, where people aren't selfish and immature. Marriages in which one of the partners refuses to do their job are better off dissolving. I've seen too many necessary divorces to think otherwise. Also sometimes you don't get a choice about whether or not to be a single parent. And remarriage is not something to be entered into blithely unconcerned.

As in all things, sometimes single motherhood is bad, and sometimes it's good. I guess people better make their own well-reasoned decisions.

Against my wishes, I have made a dietary change and am limiting my intake of refined flour and sugar. Sigh. I hate even saying that, because it's so Portlandia (thank you, that show, for providing me with a descriptor that is Germanic in its precision). I don't want to talk about it right now, because I'm still fine-tuning what exactly I'm doing. But noodles are one of my favorite food groups, and I'm not eating pasta, if that tells you anything. So I made some egg noodles and they look like this:
They are composed entirely of eggs and water and salt. I am interested to see what they taste like with sauce.

Here is a picture of Rex and Groceries. They used to be so little, and now they are big fat tubs of guts. I love them dearly. Almost all they do is sleep and eat and get mauled by my children. Tough job.


tipsybaker said...

Can you really make noodles that way?

Sarah said...

Did those noodles work? I NEED to know, 'cause pasta is one of those things we do a lot over here, and that would be totally awesome if they worked. They sure look purdy.