Monday, February 13, 2012

why do they gotta front?

One of the disadvantages to gradually becoming a fairly decent cook is that you get really snobby about what you eat. Fuji apples are no longer good enough for me, because they lack complexity. I was eating one this morning and thought, "This is a boring apple. It's too sweet, with nothing else going on." As I reflected on the bite of apple in my mouth, I realized, to my horror, that it tasted exactly like a Red Delicious, only slightly crisper. Same shallow flavor, same bitter skin. This makes sense, since the Red Delicious is one of the Fuji's parents. It was a sad awakening, because I hate the Red Delicious apple--the glossy, poisonous-looking one you find in the stores, not the ones that grow on actual trees in your own backyard. Doesn't it seem that those are actually two different types of apple? I love the Cripps Pink/Pink Lady, but how long until I've decided it, too is lacking some vital nuance of flavor?

How can something simultaneously be an Important Topic but also A Vain, Privileged Affectation? Context, my friends. Also I suspect the merits of Fuji vs. Cripps Pink is never truly an important topic, unless you are an apple farmer.

Well, it beats the heck out of tilting at windmills.

We set up a projector and looked at some family pictures last night, and many of my children's reaction comments were, "Wow, mom. You were fat back then." Ha! Kids are so candid. It's embarrassing when they do it in public and ask why that mom looks like a dad, or why that boy looks like a girl, or why does that man's breath smell like poop, but we are a very frank and honest family, so it serves us right.

Here's what our countertop looks like now:
It goes like that to the other wall, but there are dishes on it and in the sink, which destroys the pristine appearance implied by the above photo, and I don't feel like doing the dishes to take a picture. I love this countertop, and I wish I had done it in the first place.


Tori said...

I remember discovering fuji apples and thinking they were the yummiest apple ever. But you're right, there are a couple in my fridge right now that I really have no interest in eating.

I have to say, though, apple snobbery falls in the category of All Things Wrong With Foodie-ism.

tipsybaker said...

Did I miss something to do with the countertop? A tweet or a blog post? I follow very assiduously, but maybe I missed it. I want the whole story. I have spent lots of time thinking about countertops.

I won't eat Red Delicious apples. After that, I'm not so discriminating.

Better your kids say you used to be fat than that you used to be thin.

Jenny said...

I'm with Tipsy. More on the counters please! They look like concrete...are they?

highdeekay said...

Everything Tipsy said re: countertops, apples, and having been skinny.

All8 said...

Johnathan's are my favorite.

I've thought of putting in a concrete countertop. I'd love more info on how it works out for you.