Thursday, March 22, 2012

but if we can't get compost, we can't get compost

This new Blogger interface is messing with my brain. 

I have started the book blog.  It can be found here.

We tilled the garden last night, and it's amazing how much less trashy our yard looks now.  We almost don't look like squatters.  I can't plant anything until we get the fence up, otherwise the chickens will just pick all the seeds out like big jerks.  They look so beautiful wandering around in the wheat field (our alfalfa field is a wheat field this year), and they're so fluffy and fat right now, I just want to squeeze them.  But they run away from me every time I try. 

The goats are getting pleasantly plump--they're due, at least Hazel and Traci are, on May 7th.  It's kind of a late kidding date, but that's agritainment for you.  I don't know when Sally, Rita and Julia are due, because we never saw the deed actually be performed.  So we'll just keep watch and hope for the best.  Some goat moms put baby monitors out in the pen during the kidding time, so they can make sure to be there as soon as the action starts.  They are better people than I am.  But goats are extremely self-sufficient, and I've never had to help with a delivery yet, knock on wood.  The only deaths we've had were due to circumstances beyond our control.  Ooh, remember when Finola had a dead baby inside her for a week that we couldn't find, even though my uncle Kenny and I spelunked to the best of our ability?  That was sad and gross.  Her business was all red and swollen and poisonous-looking.  Blech. 

There is a good chance that John will be on duty when they start kidding, because I have a stupid PTA convention that I have to go to which I am dreading profoundly.  I hope he's been taking notes on the navel-dipping and -tying and the ear-flattening processes. 


tipsybaker said...

One of our goats is due the day we get back from spring break vacation. My father is on duty. I will owe him big if she kids a day or two early, especially if it's raining. Now: book blog! Heading over.

All8 said...

Baby goats are about the cutest things going come Spring; but I can imagine that going through the whole drama of birthing and whatnot will be just about as fun as a PTA convention. Tough choice. Hope you'll post the baby pics though.