Wednesday, March 7, 2012

doubled, I walk the street

I saw a recipe on Food52 for a lemon something-or-other last night, and one of the commenters asked if it could be made with stevia, because she is on a no-sugar diet. Now, I know that bodies process different sugars differently, and what's good for the goose is not necessarily good for the other goose. But aside from diabetic or similar health concerns, I would opine that if you're replacing the amount of refined sugar (cane or beet) in your diet with an equal amount of a mass-produced, highly processed sugar substitute, you're doing it wrong.

But nobody wants to hear about that! BORING. Food nagging is boring, whether it's true or not. And offensive. Food missionaries are insufferable. Missionaries in general are usually insufferable, unfortunately. But I've said this before; we all go through that stage of zealous discipleship, and I guess the point is to just put up with each other until we get some of the edges knocked off and become a little more humble and tractable. I'll get there someday, I promise. I hope.


tipsybaker said...

I was looking at the lemon posset recipe yesterday too. The other lemon recipe from that book/site that I'm going to make is Lazy Mary Lemon Tart. Within the week. You put the whole lemon in a food processor. I love that idea.
I used to put a small packet of stevia in a bowl of ricotta back when I was doing South Beach Diet years ago. It did satisfy my craving for sweet, but I didn't feel great about it.

beckster said...

Well, I am nutritionally-focused person, although I only opine when questioned. Does that make me less offensive? Aside from the fact that it is truly sad what you can do to your body (and therefore your life) with the wrong food and excess/deficient food, obsessions with food are too complex to be amenable to intervention. Like all habits, people must decide to assert control on a personal level. So, I agree with your opinions in all regards. Boring, but a sad approach to reducing sugar consumption. It's like chewing tobacco to quit smoking.

Mike B said...

I agree. Honestly the only rule I go by when it comes to eating is, "Don't be an IDIOT" It works for me. :-)

Mike B said...

that was Jill not Mike. He doesn't follow my Idiot rule. :-)

Layne said...

Tipsy: I want to make all of those lemon recipes they linked to on the lemon cream post. Plus the Vanilla Egg Cream. I'm quite looking forward to it. Sucanat is my sugar substitute, but I don't feel as conflicted about it as I do stevia.

Beckster: the asking is the key difference--that means you don't labor under the delusion that their nutrition is within your sphere of responsibility.

Jill: So succinct and appropriate! Don't be an idiot. I like it very much.