Wednesday, March 28, 2012

I've decided I'm not going in to salt lake today, because I don't want to

I did it!  Against all odds I planted the garlic, the kale, the chard, the beets and the peas yesterday.  Normally if I have to do a morning errand in town the rest of the day is a waste.  I just don't feel like getting out and grubbing in the dirt when I've already expended all the effort to shower and do my hair.  But I was valiant and industrious and did my digging.  Only now do I realize that I planted the peas in the worst possible place, for they are climbing peas, and I have made it so the pea fence will block me from the rest of the garden.  I guess I'll have to rip some of them out.  Stupid. 

It's the KUER fund drive this week, and I doubled our normal donation, because now Emmett is listening, too.  I figured he would just tune it out, but last week we were listening to a discussion about D.B. Cooper, maybe?  I can't remember.  Anyway, Emmett said, "This is really interesting."  So if he doesn't pay he's a freeloader. 

I think the health care thing is a real pickle.  I'm not sure what I would decide, so I guess it's a good thing I'm not a Supreme Court justice after all.

There is a Mexican restaurant in Ogden that is "famous," in that it is always jam-packed with a long wait, and I've heard about it as being a great place to eat since I was in high school.  Well, John and I ate there with some neighbors a couple of years ago, and it was truly horrid.  But our neighbors were lapping it up like pigs at a trough.  The older I get, the more I realize that a lot of people I know don't know what Mexican food is--did I ever tell you about my college roommate who claimed that her mother made authentic enchiladas the way Mexicans did, with cream of chicken soup?  She was  weird.  But it makes me wonder if I even know what authentic Mexican food tastes like.  I like to think that Ricardo's and Tacos Hidalgo are authentic-adjacent, but maybe they're just as Americanized as all those other places where irrespective of what you order you get a plate of nondescript brownish goo, covered in melted cheese.  I bet people think I'm a pig at a trough, just like John and I thought about our neighbors.  Hey, if you've seen the way I eat, that's not too far from true.  I don't know that I'd like to bury my snout so deep in the slop that it runs behind my ears, but it really depends on what's on the menu.


tipsybaker said...

My grandmother used to go to a place in Ogden. I think it was called Casa Melinda. I can't remember; I was a little kid. She would take my sister and me to this restaurant after she picked us up at the airport and I have no recollection of what the "Mexican" food was, but I do remember vividly these fried pastries called (weirdly) "scones" that were served with honey butter. I have not eaten one of those for many, many decades. I do know they were not Mexican and I probably knew this even then, but didn't care.
Congratulations on the planting. I fear this will be another year of garden dereliction for me.

tipsybaker said...

There appears to be a Casa Melinda, but it is in Bountiful. Would you drive past Bountiful from Salt Lake to Brigham?

Layne said...

Ah, that is the Intermountain West's vernacular for fried dough. It was only thanks to British lit that I learned there was different, previous definition of "scone." There was an abysmal Mexican restaurant in Provo called Jacinto's that served the fried dough scones, and they called them sopapillas.

You would drive past Bountiful from SLC to Brigham. Alas that Ricardo's and their chiles rellenos were not in Brigham when you used to visit.

beckster said...

I was spoiled by truly wonderful and authentic Mexican food as a child. We had a local restaurant that was in a small, old house that was run by [gasp], Mexicans! No brown slop, no melted cheese, just wonderful food augmented by her kitchen gardens. When she retired, many people cried. I will admit that I like some of the Americanized Tex-Mex, but I know it's not authentic.
Good on you for getting your garden planted! That's a lot of work. I have an army of moles, so gardening has been abandoned until they decide to go elsewhere, or I figure out how to get rid of them. The ground is like sculptured carpet.

highdeekay said...

There is a story at Slate (or maybe about how Americans have "invented" Mexican food. You should read it.

I owe you a phone call btw. Sorry. Been sick and not much voice was intact for a while. Doing better so start screening your calls ... one of them will soon be me!

highdeekay said...

it is Slate.

highdeekay said...

just read my first comment. I should have said, "soon, one of them will be me."

dumb bad grammar! I blame the cold medicine.