Thursday, March 8, 2012

lazy mary wasn't lazy, just clever

Hoo boy, you guys. The Handmaid's Tale. Grim. I can't review it properly right now, it's still too raw, but I have taken notes and will get it done soon.

Do all these book reviews depress you? I think if there were a blog I liked reading and all of the sudden it started doing book reviews I would feel cheated, like it's not a real post. But I can't talk to anybody in my real life about these books, so what am I supposed to do? John made a gallant promise that he would read books I recommend so that we could discuss them, but how far do you think that's gone? Nowhere, that's how far. I guess "work" and "coaching" and "singing" and "washing the dishes every night" and "keeping the house from falling into total disarray" are more important to him.

Should I go straight on to Brave New World, or should I have a palate cleanser first? I'm tempted to do a palate cleanser. I think my soul needs one for me to retain any faith in humanity. Do you have a good palate cleanser book you can recommend?


tipsybaker said...

Gay Men Don't Get Fat. The title makes it sound potentially bad in several ways (gimmicky, shallow. . .) but it's so good. Funniest book I've read since Bossypants.
I haven't read The Handmaid's Tale and you have scared me off. I love book reviews so I don't feel cheated, especially when you post a book review right after you post a more expected (but with you nothing is ever entirely expected) scolding about stevia.
I also am liking Sense of an Ending by Julian Barnes, which I am about to finish. It is very short. Does that qualify it as a palate cleanser?
How, by the way, are you coming up with this book list?

highdeekay said...

If it makes you feel any better, while Phil and I read books together before we got married, it did not continue once we were married. alas...

Have you read Marvelous Obsession? It will restore your faith in mankind. One of Phil's all time favs.

beckster said...

Uh oh, the clarion call for book missionaries, and I must answer! I will qualify my recommendations by telling you that my favorite books revolve around characters more than plot. I assume by palate cleanser, you mean something lighter than a dystopian future? Requests for lighter reading are really difficult, you know that, right? OK, here goes, The President's Daughter by Ellen Emerson White, first of a trilogy, supposedly YA. Very witty writing, dialogue that is laugh out loud funny at times.
By the way, I love book reviews, so keep it up!