Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Strident feminist naggery and political bellyaching ahoy

Last night I went to the Democratic caucus meeting, and there was the usual partisan blustering and failure to admit corruption and wrongdoing within the party (just like at the Republican caucuses). There was much discussion of how Obama is trying to help the working man, and very little discussion of how Obama is surveilling the American public and perpetuating our immoral involvement in the Middle East (and considering war with Iran . . . because we can OBVIOUSLY afford another war). There was insulting of Republicans while wishing aloud that Republicans would stop insulting Democrats, just as you would expect from a caucus meeting. A woman mentioned offhandedly that Republicans "don't like women very much." See, I don't think that's the problem. I think they like women just fine. They just don't respect or value women. But here's a news flash: neither do Democrats. Immediately after she made that comment, one man said, "We couldn't do what we do without you women," which is fine (aside from its "you people" overtones), but then another man said, "I wouldn't get up in the morning if it wasn't for a woman." Well, that's neat. Women are valuable because of their ability to tantalize men to get out of bed (and into, snerk snerk duh).

There are numbskulls like that on both sides, but I will say that the news commentators who say that the Republicans have lost female voters for at least a generation are probably right on.

Boo. I wasn't surprised, but it was still sad. Why do people not see that both parties got us where we are? Why don't they see that both parties want to intrude further and further and control more and more of our private lives? Why don't they see that no matter who is in power, the rich get richer and the poor stay poor; it seems to me it's always been that way . . . but I don't worry . . . 'bout what I haven't got . . .

Sorry. I got sidetracked into a song for a minute.

Summary: people are still jerks.


tipsybaker said...

That sounds really aggravating. Politics are so depressing. I'm keeping my head in the sand until August when I will suddenly get very anxious and upset.
Now let's get back to what the little ladies are best at: What kind of pie did you make?

beckster said...

Well, I can't imagine how frustrating it must be to go to a caucus meeting. I don't think either party is ideal, but the Republicans seem to be extreme in their support of rich white men. The Democrats are less so, but they need a lot of money to get elected. Last time you posted about politics, I said this, and I will say it again. Our current political system supports the worst about humans while minimizing our better nature. We have allowed it to become so, so maybe we need to blame ourselves and begin to vote for people who support the greater good rather than our own pocketbooks. The greater good is always good for all of us in the long run. I truly believe that. Thanks for sharing your experience.

Layne said...

Chicken pot pie for dinner and chocolate cream pie for dessert. I tried to make a crust from those yellow Oreos, and it was horrible.