Sunday, March 11, 2012

yes I would, if I could, I surely would

Every once in a while I remember that I have five pregnant goats in my backyard. It is a somewhat unsettling thought, coupled with the new goat fencing to install, new chicken fencing (the moat--I WILL see it done), new garden fencing, garden to plant, plus Grant in basketball, all the children but Grant, and maybe even Grant, in spring soccer. I vowed I'd never do spring soccer again, but Emmett is so freaking melancholic/phlegmatic that I've got to get him to do something, anything at all besides sit and ruminate on his imagined intellectual superiority, and Ike and Willa need to get their wiggles out as well--look at me shuttling my children back and forth to practices and lessons all the day long! I've become everything I ever hated!

What am I going to do when they all freshen? Well, not milk Traci, that's a given. Because she is a train wreck back there--fine for feeding her babies, but I'm not messing around with it. This is what it looks like:
I'll milk Hazel. Have I told you lately how I love her? She is the best goat I've ever owned. Why don't more people have goats? Why don't YOU have a goat? They are wonderful pets, and they increase my Apocalypse Readiness Quotient (ARQ) by at least ten points, I would imagine. I would be able to improve my ARQ score even more if I weren't so close to the highway--that's going to be a problem when the bloodcults start. Hopefully I'll be telekinetic by then, crossing fingers.

I'll milk both Sally and Rita for a while to find out which one of them I want to keep. I know I'm selling Julia, just because she's not quite as pretty as Sally and Rita. She's the friendliest, though, and probably the calmest. But I'm shallow, and it's going to get me into trouble someday.


Jill said...

Two things I love about this post. The fact that you took the time to draw an udder...and that you have a goat named Julia. Precious.