Monday, April 2, 2012

say the word and be like me

I have three weeks until the bees come, so three weeks to learn how to be a beekeeper.  It's going to be way easy, because I merely need to figure out why the last ones left and how to keep the new ones from doing the same thing, which is a question that experienced beekeepers all over the world are asking and haven't yet been able to answer.  A cinch.

I still haven't painted the basement bedroom.  It makes me tired to think about it, because unlike the remodeling I've done upstairs, after all the work is done downstairs it will still look like a scary abattoir.  So why bother?  Because we have to keep up appearances, I guess.

One of the conditions of our neighbor doing our field this year was that he would do it his way or no way at all.  It's such a small piece of ground that it's extremely difficult to find any farmer around here who'll even talk to us about it, so when he said, "I know you guys don't like chemicals, but I don't do organic.  If I'm going to do this, I'm going to do it my way, and it's not going to be cheap.  But if you'll let me do it my way, I can just drive over when I do my other fields."  We said okay, because it was our only choice, and we're thankful he's willing to do it.  So last week he came over and fertilized it with a big sprayer, and he called afterward to say, "You guys don't need to worry about that stuff I sprayed on your field.  It's not poison or anything, it's just fertilizer."  Yeah, he missed the point a little, but I still thought it was a nice gesture.  He knows we're uncomfortable with chemicals, and he even lends a little credence to our views.  Rural life has its problems just like anywhere else, but I've been lucky to meet some very kind, accepting farmers.

One last thing:  about the pink slime brouhaha.  People are saying, "But the fat kids!  They need the pink slime because it's less fatty!"  Children do not need pink slime/LFTB.  They're not fat from beef, they're fat from garbage.  They need real meat, with real fat, that came from real animals treated humanely.

In other news, this is correct (but John wants me to warn you that there is some rough language).  So many parenting and societal problems could be solved by Jill's mantra:  Don't be an idiot.


beckster said...

I successfully ignored all the painting I needed to do for years, so you can probably ignore it for a while longer if you like. When you begin to notice how truly dingy your rooms are, you have to wonder how long other people have been noticing. I have painted 4 rooms, but probably am going to take a break for a week or so to allow time for the fumes to dissipate. Whew, that stuff stinks!
I am paranoid about chemicals as well. You just never know what they are going to do and how long they are going to be around. However, the reality is that it is impossible to completely avoid them in the modern world.
I would like to be like you! I have always wanted to be a bee keeper! People who keep bees ensure that the rest of us continue to have food to eat. So, thanks for that, and good luck!

beckster said...

I don't know how I missed the last two paragraphs the first time I read this post, but I did. Nutrition (or the lack thereof), don't get me started!
Today's parenting (or the lack thereof),so true! My poor parents had to listen to my whining a lot. They were very wise. I did not get everything I wanted. And I actually learned the value of delayed gratification. It has been one of the most valuable lessons they taught me.