Thursday, April 12, 2012

thoughts from my trip to and from logan this morning

Maybe things would have gone better if Hilary Rosen had said that Ann Romney has never struggled financially, not that she's never worked a day in her life.  Her comment was tacky and buried her legitimate concerns about Ann Romney's ability to relate to women who are struggling under hyperbolic reactions.

Canada is contemplating going cashless?  Women, now is the time to withdraw your assets and bury them in the backyard/sew them into the mattress.  Don't say I didn't warn you when you end up in the Red Center.

If you know three people who have gone to the same doctor, and they all got diagnosed with Lyme disease, that guy probably isn't a doctor

On the hopefully long-off day when Diane Rehm retires from the business, Susan Page is the only one of her regular subs whose selection as a replacement would not make me weep with sorrowful rage.


beckster said...

Lyme disease, really? Wow, that's a rare diagnosis to be so common.
Hilary Rosen's comments were unfortunate. I think it is sad that the obvious intention of her comments will be lost in the ensuing dialogue. It is ridiculous for the Romney campaign to try and set Mrs. Romney up as someone who can relate to women's economic woes. Get serious. They must really be desperate. Neither of the Romneys can relate to anyone in the middle class. I think they need to look elsewhere for likeability. That's too hard a sell. However it appears that the Dems are going to help them with that sell! It would be great if we could get away from all this political hysteria that makes me feel as though I am witnessnessing a slumber party for teenage girls who are in direct competition with each other; there is a lot of feigned hurt with very little attention paid to the facts.
I am not sure getting rid of the penny means they are going cashless. Probably just means they are smarter than the US since we keep making coins that cost more than they are worth. Ever read about why we keep making pennies? It's fascinating. I digress. Sorry.

Layne said...

The Canadian thing I'm talking about is the MintChip, which is a cashless currency, to over-simplify it.

I think the Romneys, as human beings, are *likable* enough, they're just not *relatable*. They don't know what life is like for most of the country. But that's the case with most politicians. And even those who tout their working-class roots (John Edwards comes to mind, but you hear it from both sides) forget awfully quickly what it's like to struggle. I like that Rosen referred to it as a faux war in her apology. Her word choice in the initial comment was so unfortunate because of that--now everybody gets to stoke the flames of the Mommy Wars and sidestep the real issues. Disproportionate, feigned outrage is so popular in politics.

beckster said...

Ah, thanks for the heads-up about the MintChip challenge. I am burying my money as we speak. We may still have time until something is developed and accepted by the Canadian mint.
You may be right about all politicians forgetting what it is like to struggle, BUT I think it is different when some of them have actually struggled and have that frame of reference. The Romneys live in another universe, and always have, as far as I am concerned. That's not necessarily bad, but I don't like it when people deny so vociferously what/who they are and expect me to be stupid enough to believe it. I would find them more likable and believable if they spoke of what they were going to do to help the country rather than trying to convince me how much they are like me. That smacks so loudly of manipulation. As my grandmother used to say, "that dog won't hunt".

Layne said...

Remember the hunting small varmints thing that Mitt said? Hee. Artifice is unflattering on everyone, I'm afraid.