Tuesday, May 15, 2012

all the girlies say I'm pretty fly for a white guy

I can see how farmers would get to where they don't take showers anymore.  It's like, what's the point?  As soon as I go outside I'm going to be covered in poop and sweat anyway.  But I want you to know I did shower, in spite of its futility.  I feel like I got enough done this morning, and there's no reason to make weeding even more of an indignity by doing it in the blazing heat, so I'm knocking off until tomorrow morning.  I mean, let's not get nuts here.  We don't need any heroes.

You guys.  I think I might want air conditioning.  Do you hate me?  I sort of hate me.  I used to be so principled, and now look at me!  Plus I bought a geranium the other day, not even a scented one!  And a petunia!  What's wrong with me?  I hate those guys!  I tore out some of the feral lettuce in the front "flower" bed, and it broke my heart a little bit to be depriving the bumblebees, but I left all the stuff that's growing in the back.  Tall stuff in the back, short stuff in the front, even I know that.  I think I have at least three distinct species of bumblebee that visit my little nature preserve.  Yes, what you've heard is true.  I am better than other people.

I think we are buying a couch.  We'll see.


All8 said...

Air conditioning has saved my sanity. (And my feet for that matter.) I don't even want to think how the settlers lived through summer heat and humidity with out it. It gives me the collywobbles just to consider it.

That great about the bees. How do you tell the difference?

Jenny said...

Tall stuff in the back, short stuff in the front. It's like an opposite yard mullet! Hee! Get air conditioning- and a couch! Then we'll really have to come visit! I like to dress nice, but with these sheep its like what's the point? Yesterday I wore a pretty, flowing vest and went to feed the sheep. By the time I was done, every inch of it had been chewed on and I walked away with a slobbery, dirty outfit. My pants were covered in spilled milk and my shoes covered in crap. It's awesome. I fed them in a maxi dress the other day and just tied it in a big knot by my knees. Maxi dresses and my Fat Babies look pretty hot!

Layne said...

All8--they look different. One kind has a big fat orange stripe. They're very cute.

Jenny--some would say, "Why did you wear your nice clothes when you knew they were going to get dirty?" But I know it's because changing clothes is a big-time drag.

kacy faulconer said...

I'd love to see you showering at night. Clean to bed, clean to rise. I think it would be very nice and refreshing for you.

kacy faulconer said...

Not literally "see" you. No thanks!