Wednesday, May 30, 2012

I can keep rhythm with no metronome

Thanks for all your contraception advice, everyone.  I hadn't even thought of a vasectomy, dur.  My suspicions about having a tubal ligation come from my belief that opening up a body is something you don't want to do without a very good reason--you generally want what's outside to stay outside, and what's inside to stay inside.  It's why we emasculate instead of castrate, for example.  Fewer holes means fewer chances for introducing infection and such.  Not that I believe that I could ever be introduced to an infection, say MRSA, at a hospital!  How silly.  I'm mainly worried about a botfly laying its eggs in my guts.

It's the permanence of the vasectomy or tubal (as well as the possible complications of the tubal) that makes John queasy.  You don't usually unring that bell.   But he agrees that we need to look at something other than the chemistry experiment, as Beckster called it, and I don't trust condoms to keep me totally unpregnant.  We'll ruminate upon it. 

Yesterday the PTA did field day at the school, and there was a fifth-grade girl in one of the groups that came to my station who whined, "Do we have to do it?"  I was like, you're moving a red cup to the bottom of a stack of blue cups, it doesn't require skill or brains, would you rather be inside doing worksheets?  But I just said, "Oh, it will be fun."  She sat out and wouldn't participate (along with some others who followed her bad example) until the time was almost up, and then she decided that she wanted to try it "just for fun."  I am guessing this was the same group that the other helpers said were acting like pills at the other stations.  I am mystified by this attitude of groaning about outside time.  It's not like they were having a hoop shoot contest, which would have scared the pants off of me at any time in my life up to and including now.  It was totally low-key and fun, what is their problem?  Kids today with their long hair and their rock music! 

Yesterday while the kids and I were waiting for an oil change we went to the D.I., and this is what I found:

Why yes, it is a Staub cocotte in excellent, near-pristine condition.  I got it for thirty dollars, and that, my friends, is a major find. I love the D.I. so much.  I get the best stuff there.  You should see our gorgeous white plates.


beckster said...

I am glad we were able to provide you with food for thought. I understand your reservations about opening up your body. Is that unnatural or what?! However, it would be done as an outpatient, maybe not even in a hospital. I am sure you will come to the best personal decision for the two of you.
I was extremely competition shy as a child, and I still had a touch of it as an adult. I have always wondered why humans have to compete at everything. So, maybe some of the kids had my brand of performance anxiety. Most likely they just liked causing a stir! It's a way of asserting control over adults. Worked didn't it? LOL
I don't know what the D.I. is, but I am jealous. What a find!

Nate said...

Yeah! Have another baby!!

Nate said...

oops that was me, claire.

All8 said...

Heaven has smiled on you and your kitchen.

Good luck on making the best decision for you and your family.

tipsybaker said...

Deseret Industries. I feel so smart.
Layne, does the ZCMI still exist? Do older ladies still call it "The ZC?"

Layne said...

Tipsy, I have never heard it called the ZC! That must be even before my time. ZCMI is sadly defunct, but the new Nordstrom in the hoity-toit new shopping complex in downtown SLC is in the old ZCMI building, and it warms the cockles of my heart to see it.