Monday, May 14, 2012


This morning when I woke up there was something sort of pokey at the back of my throat, which I gag-swallowed down.  Was it a spider or something else?

John says it wasn't a spider.  He refuses to believe that life is magical.

In talking with Grant's orthodontist we discovered that he and I had gone to the same high school, so yesterday when we were at my parents' house I looked him up in my yearbook, and found that he was voted "Best Bod" during his senior year!  High praise, indeed.  I feel much more confident about his orthodontial skillz now.  I want all of you to check with your orthodontists, or failing that, your dentists, and get back to me on how many of them were voted "Best Bod." 

Oh, high school.  It's rough.  It's fun, sure (for some), but all those poor kids are trying to figure out who they are, and trying on different personas, and every one smacks of effort, and they are simultaneously painfully self-aware and self-blind.  Would not go back for a million billion trillion dollars.  Even if I was voted "Class Clown."  But the smart kind of clown--I don't do (intentional) pratfalls, so don't get any ideas.

We had fun showing the kids people they know who are in our ward, or their friends' parents.  I guess it was an okay visit down memory lane, and I was reminded that most of the boys I dated really were decent human beings.  My kids will be the fourth generation of our family to attend that high school, which might mean that I have failed as a human being, since I have not gone off to see the world, but it sort of gives me a warm fuzzy.  When we moved here and I could drive down the road and tell my kids the names of the families in each of the houses I almost choked up.  Roots, you know?  Imprinting is powerful.


Claire said...

You really were voted class clown?

Layne said...

yes, obviously because I am so so funny