Friday, May 11, 2012

results of three kiddings

Okay, we have three kiddings out of the way now, and Brian and Wendy are going to come pick up Julia, so we'll only have Rita's kidding to watch for.  We've more than doubled our herd in two days.  Traci kidded a single yesterday, a boy, obviously.  John was a champion and took care of it while I was gone.  We are monitoring the situation because Traci is a terrible mother, something I had forgotten until yesterday, and she doesn't like to stand still and let the baby nurse.  I need to remember that among my reasons to not breed Traci again.  As Grandpa Max would say menacingly, "If they don't mother the calf they're no good to the herd."  We got a nipple that fits a water bottle and milked a few ounces out of Traci to get a little something in his tummy, because he was about to check out.  Once he got a little milk he perked up and was more interested in pursuing the teat.  Hopefully we'll be able to keep him going for a couple of days, at which point he'll be so persistent that Traci will just have to deal.  None of them are nearly as good at bottom licking as they need to be--I had to take some baby wipes out there and clean off Hazel's triplets.  My kids are horrified at what nature intends for that situation.  "Do the moms LIKE the taste of poop?!"

It's about a month later than we normally kid, but thank goodness for that.  I would have come undone if this were all going on while I had four kids in soccer and a garden to plant.

Grant did all the naming except for Sally's doeling, who is named after our friends' daughter.  Here's what we've got:

Hazel:  triplets, all male
Qui-Gon Jinn--brown, brown ears 
Batman (because he is the dark knight)--black, black ears
Ken Garff (because his ears stick out)--black, white ears

Sally:  twins, male and female
Tex--brown, white ears
Sophie--brown, white ears

Traci:  single, male
Oweth (from an episode of Spongebob)--brown and white

They're so pretty and playful.  It's the most wonderful time of the year.

I'm off to check on them and make sure Oweth is eating, but before that I'm going to take a look at my bees, who are crushing this whole hive-building thing.  They've built comb on every one of my bars, and they are the boss. I hope they stay.

We are down one chicken, because of the skunk.  I'm grateful he didn't eat all of them.  Emmett came in from gathering eggs the other day and said, "Mom?  The chickens have stopped laying eggs in the lilac bush, but there is a dead chicken in there. At least it looks like it's dead.  Because it has a hole in it.  And there are flies on it."


tipsybaker said...

Natalie is an obsessive baby licker and it is unappetizing to watch, but good, I guess. It must be crazy at your place right now! It must be wonderful! I love the names.

richvm said...

I'd let you borrow Rocky for a few days, but we are getting more bummers today! Rocky is a great bum licker, but I can hardly stand the smell of him after we've fed the sheep. He smells like all the worst parts of the zoo!

Jenny said...

That was me on that last comment. Richard is heading down to Spring City right now to pick up our new babies. We won't steal any of your names.