Friday, May 25, 2012

tuneless humming

It's finally done.  Everything is planted.  Garlic (thanks to our kind neighbors), kale, beets, Swiss chard, peas, tomatoes, beans, and squashes (pattypan, yellow straightneck, gray zucchini).  Hmm.  Looking at that list, it doesn't look like near as much work as it felt like.  That's not even very many kinds of food.  I am part of the problem where Americans only eat a handful of vegetable types!  Speaking of which:  my mother-in-law never had broccoli when she was a child.  It just wasn't available.  Can you imagine how dark and empty such a life would be?  Maybe that's why she loves it so much, because it still feels special and exotic.

I've started milking Hazel and Sally, and it's going as well as I could hope.  Sally is a sack of bobcats while I'm washing her udder, but once I start milking she just stands there and lets me milk with both hands and doesn't even try to put her foot in the bucket.  This is good.  Sophie has a little sore on her ear that was leaking pus, which is gross.  I washed it out and sprayed some Blu-Kote on it.  I have no idea what's in Blu-Kote, but it claims to be a good thing for wounds and such.  I enjoy the font on the bottle as much as anything.  It makes me feel like an old-timey vet.  I need a trochar! 

I am going to try to make some cheese now, with the gallon-plus of milk in our fridge.  I want to attempt Camembert, because Tipsy makes it look so achievable . . . dare I?


tipsybaker said...

You dare. After all, I got goats because you make it look so easy.

beckster said...

I love watching the competition and encouragement between you and Jennifer. Symbiosis. Please let us know how your cheese does. Well, whether you think that your garden sounds like a lot of work or not, it certainly was! I have planted enough gardens that I know how much time they can take. It is so satisfying when the plants start coming up. Hoorah for you!