Wednesday, May 16, 2012

wasted! you don't count the "and!" duh!

Something my children need to learn about me is that sometimes I just throw stuff away because I feel like it.  I can go for a good long while with only minor annoyance about the plastic zippy Nerds (R) Rainbow Lipsmackers (R) case that keeps falling off the tub caddy into the tub while I'm showering, or the plastic zippy Disney Princess (R) bicycle case that I keep tripping over on the patio, or the single-purpose Lego (R) pieces I keep stepping on, moms and dads you know what I'm talking about, or the crayons that keep rolling out from under the desk because nobody ever puts them back in the box, or the shorts that keep getting put in the dirty clothes pile over and over, and never put away.  But eventually it gets to me and I grab whatever it is and toss it in the trash.  Sorry, environment!  One time too many! 

Our new couch is pretty.  Tufted red leather, modern, and it plays nicely with the very traditional tufted gray leather camelback sofa that we already had.  It's sort of like two eras of furniture having a pleasant conversation, and the red couch is respectful of the gray couch's elder statesmanhood, and doesn't talk in old man voice and put its lips over its teeth to simulate dentures to make fun of the gray couch.  Likewise, the gray couch doesn't half-close its eyes and say "duh" or make jokes about stupid hipsters to make fun of the red couch.  I think it will be okay.