Tuesday, June 19, 2012

can he lift a lot of luggage?

We went to the zoo today.  I like zoos very much, even though the elephants and giraffes always make me sad.  They just look like they deserve better, you know?  The giraffe enclosure especially is obscene how spare it is.  But the zoo in general is miles better than it was when I used to go there as a child, when the animals were basically in cement boxes.  We learned from a zookeeper at the elephant show, at which the elephant did "behaviors" (a term that will never stop amusing me) that nowadays zoos typically have either Asian elephants or African elephants, not both.  She didn't bother to explain why, which I have noticed is common among zookeepers.  They'll tell you some juicy tidbit like, "We used to have hippos, but now we don't," and they don't tell you it's because the hippo ate its handler and escaped into Emigration Canyon.  Did you know that a kick from a giraffe can kill a lion?  

Willa was a royal pain the whole time we were there.  She is lazy and hates to walk, and Hogle Zoo is a hilly zoo, so there was much weeping and wailing and gnashing of teeth.  What child is so jaded and spoiled that she hates the zoo?  My child, that's who.   

Emmett buried the scoop in the bin of cat food, so I had to touch the cat food with my hand and now it smells like cat food. It's really sicking me out. 

I forgot to remove my contact last night, which has happened before and panics me every time.  I've heard that it makes the blood vessels grow across your eyes and you go blind.  That might be an urban legend.


Tori said...

When I was a teenager and lazy and pretty sure that nothing bad would ever happen to me, I wore hard contacts and would leave them in for DAYS at a time. Slept in them almost every night. I can see almost as well as I could then (which is not well at all). So, there. Anecdotal evidence that you'll be fine. PS I've also lost a piece of soft contact in my eye for several months and not gone blind or died from contact-induced stroke or anything.

TeamDisasterHH said...

Hi my name is Amber and I read your blog, and sometimes use the recipes you post. Just FYI zoos only keep asian or african elephants because Herpes viruses endemic to one species can be fatal in the other (per the most recent AZA guidelines). Some zoos still do though, and the calfs they breed are at an increased risk for fatalaties. It's not very ethical.

Layne said...

Whoa! Thank you for telling me! That is very interesting.