Saturday, June 23, 2012

don't look back

My bees are going crazy go nuts.  I think there are way more of them than there used to be, but maybe they're just more active because it's so hot outside.  Please don't leave, bees!

We haven't gotten air conditioning yet, and I'm starting to think maybe we won't.  It's so extravagant and irresponsible!  For me.  I'm not passing judgment on any of you guys that might have it.  I'll destroy the Earth in my way, you destroy it in yours. Once our trees get big we won't need air conditioning anyway, and that should only be another twenty or so years.

Willa and I went to Brave yesterday with my mom and sisters and their kids.  It was good.  I cried.  You are not surprised by this.  Why do I cry so much?  It's embarrassing.  Anyway, it's nice to see a princess movie in which the princess is not a vapid tool.  Ooh, I hate Belle so much. 

We finally got Hazel's abscess lanced.  We waited because we only had that terrible junky hay and we didn't want to fix her only to come home and fill her face full of crap again.  The vet got about two tablespoons of pus out of the abscess, and found a ton of foxtail working its way into her gums and cheeks all over her mouth.  Good thing she was chilling on the anesthesia, or she would have gone through the roof.  I felt horrible, but as the vet said, we can't control the hay, and we have to feed them, so what else can you do?

I'm glad to see that Jerry Sandusky the piece of human garbage is going to jail for the rest of his horrible life.  I hope that in the coming months we see some more indictments and convictions of all the other disgusting people who put a sports program above the safety and welfare of children.