Wednesday, June 27, 2012

marie! I'm doin' yer favorite one!

We're nearing the end of our first family reunion of the summer, and I need a nap.  When John's family gets together we are very irresponsible about going to bed on time, and by the end of it we are all bleary-eyed and sleep-deprived, and our children are ready to tear each other apart.  But if there's anything we love in that family as much as eating, it's talking, so we yammer on in our own echo chamber of how smart and talented and generally awesome we are, and before you know it it's midnight and the children are screaming.  Oops.

Somehow the cats were in the house while we were gone all day yesterday (I swear I checked all their hidey-holes before we left), and we came home to two ponderous turds in the bathroom, on my favorite bath mat.  That came out wrong.  I should say, the bath mat I like, not the one I hate.  Because "favorite bath mat?"  You need to get out more.

We went to Lagoon on Monday and John saw a boy who looked about thirteen who was wearing a shirt that said, "I don't know you!  That's my purse!"  Oh boy, we laughed so hard.


tipsybaker said...

"Because "favorite bath mat?" You need to get out more." Laughed loudly.

Tori said...

^^ Agreed. That was funny.

Good catch on the t-shirt. I would have missed that one.

g. lo said...

I hate bathmats in general, such a pain to wash. I thought the dried up cat vomit in my bed was bread crumbs until I turned on the light....