Tuesday, June 5, 2012

what's harder, harry potter or the hobbit?

Let's talk about magazine people.  We all hate them, right?  Or is it just me? 

Have you ever seen the episode of Ab Fab where Patsy is having an affair with I think the Prime Minister, and the press is hounding her about it, and she has a fantasy about an interview with Hello! magazine?  Here's a clip from it:

It's not funny without the context, but you get the point, that the interviewer is a fawning sycophant acting as though the people being interviewed are the most unique and precious snowflakes.  I was reading my Sunset magazine the other day and there was this piece on some people who built a house in Venice, and boy, what rarefied air they breathe.  They were remarking on how they've succeeded almost too well in blending indoor/outdoor space, such that their two-year-old had a hard time distinguishing between the two!  He was taking handfuls of dirt from outside and throwing them into the living room!  Can you imagine?  It must surely be because his parents are so in tune with Mother Gaia that the line between inside and outside doesn't exist for him, certainly not because he's two, and two-year-olds like to play in the dirt and throw stuff and make messes.  No.  He's special because his parents are special.  Then the article went on to say that one of the advantages of their glass walls is that they can observe the wild creatures that visit their yard.  The husband mentions that they can watch wasps and yellow jackets without scaring them away!  Blessed. 

City hippies, amiright?  I mean, I'm glad they're doing their part to not poison and smash and pave over everything they see, but still.  How much of the appearance of overweening vanity is due to the magazine treatment, and how much is just the way those people are? 

Meanwhile, here in the land of people whose two-year-olds are so institutionalized that they never throw dirt, we are managing to stay mostly ahead of the bindweed with mild to moderate levels of acrimonious nagging.  Thank goodness there's usually at least one child who has decided to be a suck-up on any given day, so the work goes a little faster.  Milking is going okay, aside from the come-aparts that Sally and Rita keep throwing.  But I am patient and long-suffering, and I will be victorious.  Plus Sophie has learned to steal milk from all of the moms, and that in addition to the bottles we feed her may save her life. Tonight we're clipping the chickens' wings, because they have begun eating my bean plants and there will be death if they don't stop it.

Plus I made camembert on Saturday, and so far it's not covered with hairy black mold, so suck on that, indoor/outdoor dirt-throwing hornet-watching Venice people.  Are they making their own cheese?  Didn't think so.


tipsybaker said...

Story sounds nauseating. I blame both couple and magazine.
Await updates on cheese.

Claire said...

funny post

Tori said...

Ha, I know a two year old who just yesterday said "hey, there are rocks in my pockets!" and proceeded to throw dirt all over the living room. We *do* have a pretty big sliding glass door though, so I'm guessing she's just as confused as the Venetian kid.