Tuesday, July 24, 2012

don't treat him like a louse, make him welcome in your house

The universe saw that we had air conditioning in the house now, and said "Nuh-uh," so now the air conditioning in our car is broken.  The universe requires balance, you know.

Last night I had shabu shabu, which I had never heard of until I drove past the restaurant that was serving it.  It reminded me of pho and sukiyaki.  I like soupy things like that.  They taste good while making me feel virtuous about what they're doing to my pocketbook and waistline.  Does anyone really say "pocketbook" anymore?  Like, "I broke the hinge on my pocketbook."  I bet not.  I bet only grandmas say it.  We should bring it back, along with "cruddy" and "gussied up."  "I got all gussied up for my date, but then the hinge broke on my cruddy pocketbook."  Isn't that a fun sentence? 

This week is the 98th anniversary sale at my favorite local hardware store.  Is that as sad as having a favorite bath mat?  I bought all manner of glorious things.  I bought one of those rad copper bracelets that fix your arthritis or rheumatism or rheumatoid arthritis.  I'm sure it will work, and for only three bucks!  I also got some pepper spray, so don't mess with me. 

My sister and her family left last night for Australia.  So far away for a whole year!  If any of you live there, will you please take good care of her?  I don't want her to get harassed by a goliath birdeater or any of the other horrifying creatures that have made Australia their home.  When I go visit her, what are my chances of seeing a platypus in the wild? 


tipsybaker said...

I am glad you're back after your hiatus.
I just spent the day with my grandmother who repeatedly thought she'd her pocketbook. The Vietnamese sandwich shop we went to would not accept her charg-a-plate, so I paid cash. She's one of the last women in America who still wears petticoats.

Tori said...

Layne, I don't know how to tell you this, but I have been to Australia and I have seen a platypus in the wild. I can hook you up with the right guy. He will also cook you breakfast on a barbecue, if you're into that.

I am very, very jealous of your sister. Australia is the best. You have to go visit her. Where are they living?

Tori said...

I just realized that my comment kind of makes it sound like I had some sort of "relations" with the platypus guy. For the record, that is not the case. You just have to go looking for the platypus very early and then he makes you breakfast after.

Layne said...

I WANT TO DO THIS. I'm planning to go there in February--what is your opinion of this time? And will that guy help me for reals?

My sister's living in Sydney, or Sydney-adjacent. I am dreading the flight, but it has to be done.

All8 said...

Australia, I'm officially jealous.

Hope the A/C in the house totally makes up for it missing in your car.

g. lo said...

shabu shabu is the best..we ate it all the time in Seoul. You should definitely visit your sister! I think my grandmother still calls them pocketbooks too.

beckster said...

I agree that we should bring back the more colorful terms for things. Think about it, pocketbook. A book of things in your pocket! Petticoats, small coats for your legs and nether regions! Charg-a-plate, well,that's what it is! I love it. Much more entertaining than purse, slip, card. I can't wait for your post from Australia. I am envious.

Tori said...

Aw, that makes me nostalgic because we were there Jan-March '07. I think February is perfect.

Email me if you want more information. My Email is the same as my blog address at hotmail.

amy greenway said...

When I lived on Long Island everyone called their purse their pocketbook. Young and old alike. But they didn't pronounce the t at all. They said it very quickly, more like "pockebook."

I think we might have the same favorite hardware store and I was out of state for the big sale. I'm envious.