Monday, July 30, 2012

she who's winsome, she wins him

We went to Wicked on Saturday night, and I enjoyed it much more than the one I saw on Broadway, maybe because I was more familiar with the music this time.  The music is sort of uneven, I think, and when you're not familiar with it it's easy to wonder why they're wasting your time with the clunkers.  I was telling John that I thought "Dancing Through Life" was meh, and he said, "How can you say that?  How can you say 'meh?'  You should be saying . . ." and then he made a vomit noise.  But this time through I felt a little more patient, even though John and I agreed that we could have left at intermission and enjoyed it just as much.  But both the leads were great, and the wizard was the same guy I saw in New York.  Aw, remember when I went to New York?  My hair was ugly then, but it was such a good trip.  I want to eat that crispy duck noodle soup at Great N.Y. Noodletown again. 

I wonder what I'm going to do with my hair.  I can't imagine having the same haircut for the rest of my life, but what else is there besides a bob?  If I grow it out I'll look like a polygamist, and if I get a pixie cut I'll look fat.  Maybe that's how Anna Wintour ended up the way she did--she was just never able to come up with an attractive alternative.  I think people think that long hair looks good on them a lot longer than it actually does.  My mom had long hair until I went to college, and we look back in horror.  It was terrible hair, but we couldn't see that at the time.  Which is what makes me wonder--how stupid do I look right now? 

Oh!  That reminds me--when we went to Wicked there was this chubby old leathery woman who had dressed as Galinda in a hot-pink ballgown with a tiara and a wand and a curly blonde wig, and another woman who had dressed as Elphaba with the green paint and long black wig and witch hat, and they were going around taking pictures of themselves and it was weird.  I don't like attention-seeking behavior even in children, and in adults it is inexcusable.


tipsybaker said...

Do you currently have bangs? Do you wear barrettes? Can you do something by adding layers?
I have a bob, too. Wait until you start trying to decide whether or not to color your hair or just go gray!
Or have you already decided?

Jenny said...

I like your hair. How about changing it up with color? Highlights or something more daring? It might be fun! We loved wicked. I think I'm going to go buy the book because I would like to learn all the songs! We forgot to give you Grants stuff that is still in the back of our van! What do ya wanna do?

Sarah said...

Your hair is so so cute right now. Don't stress about changing it.

I'm one of those girls who has long hair and can't part with it yet. It just took forever to get it here. If I cut it, I'll never come back. If my hair is still long in 10 years, and lookin' dry and split-ended, and just gross, I give you permission to force me into a haircut.

beckster said...

I have no idea how your hair looks, but I will share my philosophy with you, and it was 50 years in development. Unless you have FABULOUS hair, and it is your best feature, you are probably smart to find a style that looks good on you that your hair will conform to, and stick with it. I have baby fine hair, and there are limited ways I can wear it unless I want to spend precious time in front of the mirror coaxing my hair to do something that is not really within its textural range. Then after I leave the mirror, it promptly does what it pleases. Who wants to spend a chunk of their life doing that? You can let it grow out a little, color it a little, cut it a little, just for variety, but I think most smart women know what looks good on them, they wear it that way, and spend time wowing people with their wisdom instead of their hair. Did that sound like a giant rationalization?

Jill said...

I know you think I look like a polygamist, this is my first attempt to get you to be a sister wife....just think about it...

You are beautiful and have never had ugly hair!