Wednesday, July 18, 2012

store what you eat, eat what you store

As part of my ongoing struggle to become an adult I'm reading a book about "family preparedness."  I am hoping it will help me become better prepared for loss of income, natural and man-made disasters, and the End Times.  I don't want to be caught without napalm bullets during the zombie invasion!  Even if it doesn't kill them outright, I think that you can eventually blow a zombie into tiny enough pieces that it will no longer be a threat.  It's not as if they are poly-alloy and can reconstitute!

And I was thinking, come the Rapture, what are we going to do if somebody gets an infection?  We'll talk to Magic Wendy, of course, because she is a Master Herbalist, and she is very smart and helpful.  But there are situations in which you need modern medicines, so you should have some in your year's supply just in case.  Oh ho, but where do you get them?  You can't just go to the pharmacy and tell them you want a year's supply of antibiotics.  They will look at you funny and definitely will not sell them to you.  So I was thinking:  I will just buy all this stuff from the vet.  I have penicillin and sulfa drugs and tetanus vaccine in my house right now.  Can the formulation for goats really be that different than for people?  John thinks this is not the answer, but maybe he prefers to see problems where I see solutions. 

Also John is a chemist, and we were thinking that maybe when things go all pear-shaped we could synthesize Oxycontin, because coming off of that is not pretty, and people will pay dearly to continue their prescription drug abuse.  Imagine our bartering power!  We've got this survive and thrive thing wired. 


Jenny said...

I'm so glad you guys are my friends. Now I don't have to worry about where I'm going to get all my "stuff" from!