Monday, August 20, 2012

the more you suffer the more it shows you really care, right? yeah!

I am going to be so senile when I get old.  I think I was supposed to go visiting teaching last Friday, but I didn't put it on my calendar, and then I was in Salt Lake with John, celebrating our upcoming fourteenth anniversary, and whoopsie, sorry Janie and Catherine.  If I don't put something on my phone calendar so it will yell at me when I'm supposed to do it, then you can probably guarantee I'm going to flake on it.  I'm a flibbertigibbet. 

John bought me a gift certificate to a spa, and I wasn't in the mood for a massage, so I went and got my nails did.  You know how I feel about mani-pedis.  They are a fine indulgence, but as soon as you start thinking they're a life necessity, you get a corner torn off your Decent Human Being Chit.  I hope you enjoy being sentenced by the inmates of Arkham Asylum and forced out onto the frozen river to die.

In goat news, I took Traci to the vet today, and brought Sophie along because she has a little lump by her mouth now, too, OF COURSE.  Traci's is a series of lumps on the side of her neck.  There was nothing there two weeks ago, and now they're huge.  The vet took some blood and drained some pus, and he's going to do a culture and a blood test to see what we're dealing with.  Neither of them got lanced, because he wants to know for sure what they've got before they go digging around in there.  Worst case scenario, which looks like the most likely scenario to a black-hearted pessimist like me, is they all have CL.  I was afraid we'd have to cull the entire herd, but from further reading it looks like that's probably not necessary, and it's similar to a worms situation, in that you just have to manage it and not let it get out of hand.  So, regular lancing and draining of abscesses, then irrigation of same with 7% iodine solution, pretty much.  Sounds like a party. This is one of those times when I start to suspect that maybe I'm not a very good farmer.