Wednesday, August 22, 2012

things beyond the ken of mortal man that shouldn't be trifled with

Last night was back-to-school night.  TOTAL NIGHTMARE.  Not really, but it was sort of flustering.  Lots of receipts to fill out, and nobody knew how much anything cost, even though I made a poster with all the prices on it.  It was baby blue, and I think it wasn't eye-catching enough.  I tried hard to hide my bitterness when somebody came through and didn't pay for a PTA membership.  You have fifteen dollars for a yearbook (or thirty, or forty-five, because you have multiple kids in the school), but you don't have six bucks to help us pay for bus fare and drug-prevention assemblies?  Maybe you don't deserve a yearbook, which, by the way, would not exist if not for the PTA.  I have always paid for PTA membership, because it's what a responsible parent does.  We had sign-up sheets for classroom help and events throughout the year, and here's how John put it:  "So, out of the hundreds of parents who came tonight, there are about eight different parents who are the volunteers for everything."  As in other communities, there's a handful of people who do all the work, while everyone else leeches off them.  GAH, the more involvement I have with people, the more I hate them.  About the only feedback I got about scheduled activities was an accusatory question about why we aren't doing the pumpkin walk.  Umm, look around.  NOBODY IS HELPING.  I can't get help for the stuff we have to do, let alone an extracurricular logistical nightmare like the pumpkin walk.  So she is going to organize and execute the pumpkin walk herself.  I hope she has a great time.

Srsly, if people would just help, just do anything at all, they would realize 1)how integral parental involvement is for a school to be successful, and 2)how much easier it is than they feared, 3)especially when everyone pitches in. I super-duper hate it when people abdicate their responsibilities.  What's that word for people who hate people?  I'm one of those. Misanthrope!  That's it.  The luckiest people in the world. 


Sarah said...

So, you keep saying how PTA is really not that huge of a commitment, but then I read about some of the crap you have to put up with, and it sounds just a little bit horrible.

However, I DID pay for a PTA membership last night. And signed up to help. So, I'm slowly becoming less of a louse, mostly because you've scared me right into the importance of being more involved.

The moral of the story is: It might not have made a difference in YOUR school, but hey, your cries for parental involvement are making a difference somewhere.

Marsha said...

I'm beyond those years now, but when I wasn't I always paid my PTA membership. Trying to work with the other women in the PTA was a different matter in our school, however - no room for those who weren't already there. Classroom volunteering was a different matter - plenty of room for all. I hope the Pumpkin Walk woman has some success- maybe it will encourage her to try to do something else next year.