Friday, August 24, 2012

what do I stand for? most nights I don't know

A while ago I came across those Kid History videos on YouTube--you know, the ones where kids retell some story from the family lore and in the process misspeak and get the details wrong, while the adults lip synch and act it out.  They're okay.  They're not the least funny thing I've seen, but it's not like they're Guy on a Buffalo or Neature Walk.  I regret to say that when asked about the Kid History videos I exaggerated and made it seem like I enjoyed them more than I did.  I should have been honest.  I heard a guy on Diane Rehm the other day say that when people have a conversation they tell an average of eleven lies, or something like that.  I don't remember, but I was surprised and tried to recall the last conversation I'd had, and if I'd told a lie in it.  ANYWAY, when people in my family were talking about the Kid History videos I was peer pressured into lukewarm praise of them.  I wish I could go back and say that I thought they were okay, but one was enough.  Now I see that the Kid History people have branched out into something called Kid Snippets--one of the Gawker writers I don't respect (as a writer, not sure as a human being) linked to them, and he loves them.  WHY?

Why are these videos so popular?  I have a theory, but it only covers Mormon enjoyment.  I think Mormons like them because they're clean, and I have a sneaking suspicion that the creators are Mormons.  In fact, I figured the videos were only popular within Mormon culture.  But no, there's a lazy Gawker writer who, if the negative comments about him are to be believed, spends his time cutting and pasting from other articles and curating YouTube videos, and he likes the Kid History/Snippets too.  Is he lying to fill columns, or does he legit like them?  He doesn't feel like a Mormon to me, and I cannot understand the attraction.  The kids are cute, but not that cute.  The videos are funny, but not that funny. 

I cannot comprehend.  But go ahead on, Kid video people.  You be you.