Tuesday, September 18, 2012

die zauberflote

When Tipsy was here this past weekend (which was a lot of fun, even if I did feel like I had to cram in as many conversations as possible before she left) she brought me some presents from India (I'm not sure if she has Greek heritage, and therefore how suspicious I should be that she came bearing gifts; however, none of the gifts was a big wooden horse), one of them being a package of that after-dinner fennel seed mix that you get in Indian restaurants, and I'm afraid it's going to be gone before the week is out, because I keep eating it and eating it, and just typing about it makes me want to go eat it some more.  The fennel seeds are sort of soft and fried tasting instead of having a sugar coating, and there are cute little red and silver and pearly dragees mixed in, and a number of other seed things that I don't recognize.  So now my problem is how the crap am I supposed to find that exact mix of mukhwas (which is what the internet told me it is called) without going to India?  I will not rest (figuratively) until I find it.

Today I must make salsa.  We are getting very low, and I'm afraid Grant will riot if we run out.  I'm not looking forward to the scalding and peeling part.  Tomatoes are kind of a pain that way.

I was just thinking about pumpkin pie, and I think this year I'm going to try not cooking my filling quite so long.  When my mom does it it's sort of a loose custard, and even though it makes the bottom crust soggy if you let it sit, it tastes better.  The way I cook it is too firm, and you know how pumpkin can be a little oppressive if you don't reign it in.  I say this as a person who loves pumpkin.

I don't understand parents who won't let their children read Harry Potter, because of the occult subject matter, but do allow them large swathes of unmonitored, unfiltered time on the internet.  Look, I don't have all the answers.  But statistically speaking, your kid is probably not going to become a warlock.  He is, however, very likely to develop a taste for pornography.  And you're definitely going to get a virus, so good luck with that.  We have some friends who've had to flatten their hard drive three or four times because of the sites their son visited, and they still don't have any virus protection or filters.  Whatever.  Agree to disagree! 


All8 said...

Good luck with the spice mix. Do you always eat it plain or cook with it too? I'll bet you and Tipsy had a great time. Peas in a pod.

I like pumpkin in cheesecake. Hm, now you've got me hungry too. Hope you find your fennel mix.

beckster said...

There you go, talking sense again! Whatsa matter with you, anyway?! Who would want to prevent their kids from READING anything? HUH? Oh, yeah, if you don't read about it, it's not part of reality. I like my pumpkin pie firm, and I love pumpkin. There, I disagreed. I am totally intrigued about mukhwas as I love fennel seed. Please share whatever you or Jennifer learn about it.

Layne said...

All8--I do sometimes cook with fennel. Mainly when I'm cooking Indian.

Beckster--I think I could sway you with my mother's pie.