Monday, September 24, 2012

look how all the kids have grown

Is there anything better than scrambled eggs done correctly?  If there is, I don't want to see it. 

Bart is planting our field today, so John and I had to go pull a bunch of rocks out of the field last night.  We were un-miring our rocks!  Har har har, Sabbath humor.  Little rocks are not a problem, but in plowing this year they unearthed a Craters of the Moon-type scenario in one section of the field, with rocks ranging in size from grapefruit to watermelon.  I wish I'd known we had them, and I wouldn't have spent so much time over the years driving down the road to my grandpa's farm and picking rocks out of his cow pasture. 

I'm feeling pretty victorious right now, because I made some extreme-strength window cleaner (1:1 vinegar and water, squirt of dish soap) and got the horrible hard water stains off our parlor window.  The sprinklers spray it every time, and since Utah water is so hard it's basically sliceable, my window was a sight.  But now it is beautifully clear. 

I have eaten about six ripe tomatoes out of my garden.  All the rest I've had to poach from my mom.  Now it's going to start freezing.  I think this is disgusting.  I guess we'll have to eat fried green tomatoes tonight, just so I can feel like my entire garden wasn't a waste.  Every year we do this.  I overplant and undernurture.  But it's not my fault the tomatoes aren't ripening. 

I don't know why it is that I roll my eyes about intricately-decorated cake pops and precious interior design but love Disneyland so much.  I hate fakery and artifice!  I don't know what's wrong with me.  Look, I'm a simple woman, with simple pleasures.  I like it when things are pretty and clean and people are well-behaved.  I like when my kids gasp with wonder when they walk through the front gates.  I like Indiana Jones.  I can't help myself!  We tried to take my sister Troy to Disneyland with us a few years ago, and she was all, "No, thanks.  I don't like that kind of vacation.  I like going to Maine."  Barf.  As though she's above Disneyland.  As though she even knows what she's talking about, since she was about thirteen at the time.  As though you can't like both Maine and Disneyland.  So then when she went with Claire and Nate last year and had an amazing time, obviously, I really rubbed it in.  Oh, she wants to go with us now, now that she knows what she's missing.  But she's still unwilling to drive there, so she won't be joining us.  Maybe she just hates my kids and doesn't want to be with us.  Her loss!  ANYWAY, my point is that even Troy, who is like a mini-me of my mom and parrots all her opinions, likes Disneyland.  We'll see if she's so uppity about driving to California once SHE has four kids. 

It might seem like I am having a fight with Troy through my blog, and nothing could be further from the truth.  I'm merely nagging Troy through my blog.  She doesn't read it anyway, so we're cool. 


All8 said...

Isn't it amazing how easy it is to grow rocks?! I hope that you get to use them effectively and they quit breeding as quickly.

Our garden has been a dismal failure this year. Most veg that has entered my kitchen is from elsewhere too.

Enjoy Disneyland. Not too much longer and you'll be there.

beckster said...

Yes, enjoy Disneyland! Noticed your tweet. NO, Texas is NOT part of the South! We Southerners have a different form of idiocy than they do in Texas!