Wednesday, September 12, 2012

my voice is my passport, verify me

Haven't I been saying this?  I swear I have.  Obviously I have some problems with a few of the points in the article (for example the continued assertion that skim milk is lower in calories and therefore healthier than whole, as though calories are the only concern and are all created equal), but I think a tax on large sodas is a much better idea than a ban.  People are going to find ways around bans, and with a tax you'd be helping people to make better choices while generating revenue.  Maybe you could even use the funds generated to pay for diabetes research and care, so it's basically like health insurance for people who like pop.  In enormous cups.  I don't drink pop, but I do like those big cups because they make such great puke bowls for the car.

One last point about health care before we leave it for happier topics:  in light of the recent discussion about women's reproductive care, do you guys at least understand why I might feel extremely wary of giving our government any more control of my life?  Because we can't guarantee that our elected officials are always going to share our values.  And when decisions are made and legislation created there is always going to be a bias toward the interests of the insurance companies, or whatever entities exist to perform those duties.  Is there any way to achieve the goal of having everyone covered for the appropriate care, without having the government be the administrator of it?  Am I even making sense?

Okay, no more heavy stuff for a bit.

A few years ago, when skinny jeans were coming into style, I was digging in my heels and talking about how they were just mom jeans, which at that time they were.  I was around for the previous invasion of tapered pants, and it wasn't pretty.  But iteration by iteration they were modified and updated, until they finally got cute.  There are legitimate reasons to wear skinny jeans.  I own several pairs myself, in colors even, and though they emphasize my saddle bags a bit, they are acceptable, and I don't look like I haven't been shopping for five years.  SO IMPORTANT.  Being a mom is hard, because you have this very delicate line to walk between dated and trying too hard.  Nobody wants to be a frumpy sadsack, but nor should they be the mom who refuses to age gracefully.  I will be excited when those awful Bedazzled-looking pants are over.  Ugh, they are so gaudy and hideous.  I just hate the sight of them. I am generally not in favor of the hard, overdone approach to beauty. 

We decided not to get a steer.  They're so much money and work, he would turn our goat pen into a manure soup, and the pen's not big enough for him to get the exercise he needs.  We really emphasized the negatives (twelve gallons of water a day, even in the winter) when we talked to Grant about it, and I guess we crushed his dream.  But he could see that it was going to seriously cut into his valuable Doing Stuff time.  If goats were better supported we could show Tex, because that guy is a dreamboat.  He is seriously the handsomest wether I have ever seen.  Hubba hubba!  Some doe would be lucky to have him, if his business hadn't been smooshed.  As it is he's just going to be handsome white packages, which is so sad.  I wish I could keep all of them, but can you imagine?  I'd be the neighborhood cat lady, only with goats.  Let's be honest, eventually I would let them in the house.  I'd start talking to them like they're people, asking their opinion on what stocks I should invest in, then I'd lose all our money, and John would divorce me or have me institutionalized, and then my kids would grow up without me, and they'd turn into horrible people and probably steal the Hope diamond.  How sad.  All for the want of a horseshoe nail, you know?  I guess we'd better sell them. 


tipsybaker said...

I will wear my skinny jeans when we visit. You can tell me if they are cute or trying-too-hard.
Excellent post!

All8 said...

I hate clothes shopping.

If you're thinking about getting rid of your goats, well, I'll believe it when I see it.

Layne said...

No! Just the wethers. I will part from Hazel when they pry her from my cold, dead fingers.

beckster said...

I agree, tax it! Puke bowls, really??? How creative. One last comment on health care administration. Medicare is the most cheaply run organized health care this country has ever seen. Once out of the hands of the legislative branch, health care is not partisan. Skinny jeans do not flatter my pear-shaped figure, and I will not wear them even if I look like I have not shopped in 20 years. I refuse to wear clothes that do not flatter me just because some mass reptilian brain says that I should. Good thinking on the steer. You wrapped all those loose ends very nicely!

Tori said...

My body was meant for skinny jeans, but I never end up wearing them because of some leftover middle school self-consciousness about how big they make my feet look.

I don't see the problem with becoming crazy goat lady. Does that mean I'm crazy?