Wednesday, October 24, 2012

don't run away, it's only me

Last night I dreamed mostly about shoes, which was nice.  I dreamed about a pair of dark pink high-heeled open-toe wedges, sort of crocheted.  Trust me, they were cute.  But then I had a dream about a zombie invasion and it was highly unsettling.  It was the last dream sequence before my alarm went off, and I woke up with a pit in my stomach, which I feel dumb about.  It's like, "Really, Layne?  You realize how unlikely this scenario is, don't you?"  But the heart knows no reason.  Do you think bulletproof glass would work to keep zombies out, or do the windows need to be boarded up, old-school?  I would think the bulletproof glass would be better because it can't be pried off, but if you have windows the zombies can see you, and maybe they'll just rip the windows right out.  It would take a while, but zombies never get tired, so . . . I'm on the fence about bulletproof glass, I guess is what I'm saying. 

I realized that I forgot to wish my sister a happy birthday two weeks ago while we were in Disneyland, so I'm making her a cake this morning.  I'm doing the chocolate birthday cake and white mountain frosting from Bread/Butter (which is how I have decided to shorten that name).  It's a study in contrasts, especially with my black cocoa powder, and I love it.

The vinegar project is weird and slightly gross.  I think the pineapple vinegar is going to be fine, but the apple cider vinegar makes me suspicious.  It's very thick and mucosal, and resembles a number of things both edible and not. 

Let's make a Halloween playlist.  Contribute in the comments.  Here are some of my ideas.  
1.  Thriller
2.  Sympathy for the Devil
3.  Zombie 
4.  Weird Science 
5.  Monster Mash
6.  Little Shop of Horrors soundtrack
7.  I Put a Spell on You
8.  Love Potion #9 
9.  Witch Doctor
10.  Werewolves of London
11.  Ghost Riders in the Sky
12.  anything by The Killers, obvs. 
13.  Dead Man's Party 
14.  Nightmare Before Christmas soundtrack

Okay, now you!  Creative and obvious are both welcome, because as lame as "Monster Mash" is, what would a Halloween playlist be without it? 


highdeekay said...

Dead Man's Rope (Sting)

Death Theme from the Untouchables (Yo-Yo Ma)

Nocturne (Yo-Yo Ma)

Walking Man (James Taylor) [it obviously is a fall song but I also sometimes wonder if the Walking Man is a zombie]

Frozen man (James Taylor) [you have to admit it is creepy]

Layne said...

Thanks for classing up the joint, Heidi! That gave me some more ideas:

Funeral March (Chopin)
Toccata and Fugue in D Minor (Bach)
Lachrymosa (Mozart)
Requiem (Mozart)

And back in pop land:
Black Magic Woman (Santana)
Witchy Woman (Eagles)

All8 said...

You can't forget Charlie Brown and the Great Pumpkin stuff. Hm, I used to have a Halloween/Fall playlist... Here's the addy, But I'm not really into scary stuff, or up-to-date stuff, so you're sufficiently prepared.

Tori said...

I don't have any songs to add, but I did want to say that a few weeks back I dreamed that I was diagnosed with cancer and scheduled to be "put down" the following Monday. I couldn't shake that stupid dream all day. So I get what you're saying.

Claire said...

Remember when you let me watch that horror show hosted by Vincent Price while you were babysitting? I still have nightmares from the scene of "Night of the Living Dead.". My addition is "Hall of the Mountain King."